EDC Week: Annual Fashion Guide

Ladies, as the 10th Annual Electric Daisy Carnival arrives in town, you may be wondering what you should wear to the festival. And if you’re attending more than one day, you don’t dare show-up wearing the same outfit twice! So for your safety and convenience, Orlando Entertainment News has put together this handy expert guide to the DO‘s and DON’T‘s of festival fashion. Please note that this is unofficial information.
DO: Skimpy is good. It’s going to be warm out there.
DO: Colorful is good. Don’t be a wallflower.
DO: Low Rise or High Rise, short shorts are always a welcome addition to any festival.
DO: Combat boots, especially Doc Martens, are increasingly the footwear of choice.
DO: And the last couple years, seeing more and more platform boots. They do allow you to see the DJ from a distance.
DO: Tu-tu’s remain a popular choice year after year.
DO: If you got it, flaunt it. Halter tops are always a popular choice too.
DO: Or skip the top altogether!
DO: However if you’re a bit more modest, see-through is a reasonable compromise.
DO: Straps and straddles were big last time.
DO: Costumes. In looking back at pics of the 9 prior editions of EDC-Orlando, we’ve seen exponential growth in the wearing of costumes versus just wearing boring regular clothes. After all, you’re not going to the mall, you’re going to a music festival.
DO: Matching outfits within your krewe is increasingly popular.
DO: Lots of silver metallic last time.
DO: Fans are a top accessory to bring to the show.
DO: Although sunglasses at night have been a top choice too.
DO: One last one, if you have a nice tail, show it off. And now for a few Don’ts:
DON’T: We used to recommend fluffies but no longer. They’ve just sort of disappeared these last few years and you wouldn’t want to show up at a festival and have the hip girls look at you and say “Ewww”.
DON’T: Heels. Very little of the Camping World Stadium grounds are paved and you’ll be miserable.
DON’T: Lastly, horizontal stripes. They can tend to make you look fat.

Hope to see you out at the festival. If you see me before I see you, be sure to get my attention so that I can get your picture for OEN!