Concert Report: Breaks N Bass (Ace Cafe)

Nearly a year since “Best of Breaks Promotions” reopened Orlando’s DJ scene with their “Drive-In Rave” event, Orlando Entertainment News was back at Ace Cafe to do another “B.O.B.” produced show!
These friendly ticket-takers were at the door for the 2PM opening.
Festival pricing was in effect.
There were three areas of music. The smallest was the Torque DnB Chamber where we found DJ Gio Leon (USA) kicking off the afternoon.
As is often the case for an opener, not that many there yet to hear him.
The second area of music was outside on the Ace Cafe patio where we found DJ Flux (USA) and DJ David Venture (USA) going back-to-back with each other.
Opening outdoor set already had a few people dancing!
Inside Ace Cafe‘s main room, only Break-a-Dawn was on the dance floor! You know it’s going to be a great event when Dawn appears! She was busting moves for…..
DJ Spark-D (USA)
Of course the order for the day was mostly Breakbeats.
Over the past year we’ve seen Spark-D at events at Oasis on the River in Sanford, Grumpy’s Underground in Orlando and Breaks at the Beach in Cape Canaveral.
Dance floor activity would slowly pick-up.
Out on the patio, a rousing set from DJ Phin (USA).
Just a handful out here still.
It’s always a fun event when Phin is on the scorecard!
He had the peeps moving!
Phin alternated with DJ Gamma (USA).
Most of the people remained over at the patio bar.
Back into some air conditioning in the DnB Room for DJ Rosk (USA).
Initially just one dancer in here.
Rosk going back-to-back with DJ Black Lizz (USA).
And dance floor occupation increased just a bit.
Meanwhile waiting for her turn in the main room…..
DJ JMe_RecStar (USA)
The Main Room at Ace is their restaurant section cleared of most of their tables and chairs. It would take awhile to fill-up.
While there were some definite Breaks in her set, overall it had a very Techno vibe to it. Loved it!
Yowsah! Yowsah! Yowsah!
JMe’s set ended way too soon but it’s always exciting to see DJ Jeff Justice (USA).
A few more people came on in. My favorite song he played was a Breaks remix of Calvin Harris (GB) hit “This Is What You Came For” ft. Rihanna (BDS). I had not heard that previously.
Jeff Justice had played at that fore-mentioned Tail Break Rave last August. LINK
On the patio, DJ Gadgit (USA).
He had the small crowd bouncing.
Although the bar remained the most popular spot at this juncture.
In the Torque room, DJ Ignition (USA).
His set was fast and LOUD!
On the main stage, DJ Berto (USA)
We’re getting there!
Berto always brings energy to the room.
DJ Antipop (USA) in the DnB room.
He had a lot of the crowd moving around!
The dark underground vibe of the room was perfect.
Back outside on the patio we found…..
DJ AfrodisiaX (USA)
The warm temperature and humidity did not deter the popularity of this stage.
Always great hearing an Afrodisiax set!
In order to get this article published quicker, we will skip captions on these Clubber pics. (If I took your picture and you don’t see it here or later in the article, please let me know as sometimes the uploads fail and I don’t notice.)
Vans rule!
Back in the coolness for DJ Robotic (USA).
The dance floor did not reflect a lot of activity but that mezzanine bar was jamming at this point.
They say you can never go wrong with Go Go girls.
They were right! Athena!
Robotic is based in Miami. He plays tonight at Breaks Yo in Fort Lauderdale Beach.
Checking in at Torque. DJ BLR (USA).
The pace was quickening-up!
As was the crowd.
BLR going back-to-back with DJ Aaron Bond (USA).
Brandy and her friend were nearby!
Room becoming more crowded.
Amazing set!
Let’s check out the patio again. DJ Evan Gamble Lewis (USA)
Break-a-Dawn showing how it’s done.
MC Collaborator (USA) providing live vocals on a song he helped write.
Evan Gamble Lewis will be playing on the Breaks stage at the upcoming Electric Daisy Carnival – Orlando in November.
At 7:45PM we had an on-time passing of the northbound Amtrak 92 Silver Star headed to Washington Union Station. The tracks run adjacent to Ace Cafe.
Some events at Ace utilize their lawn area with a stage set-up either at this near end or down at that far end. Last night’s event utilized only the interior of the building plus the patio.
Spotted taking another selfie: World Famous Shawn Fenn. Same to you buddy!
Damn, the day is flying by. Already 8PM.
GN (USA) is typically a DJ duo but last night we only got G, as in DJ G$Montana.
Lots of bounces per minute (BPM’s)!
Spotted on stage: MC Shaggy (USA) & DJ Tooltime (USA)
GN had also played at the Tail Break Rave last August. Orlando remains the center of the DJ universe!
NLP in the house! Always great to see and hear DJ Matrix (USA) on the decks!
Alternating with DJ Supagroover (USA).
With vocal encouragement provided by MC MB (USA).
After sunset and with a slight breeze, the patio dance floor began to see more activity.
Amanda was spinning balls!
NLP may begin hosting quarterly events again later this year, similar to the old days at Vixen Bar and Suite B Lounge. Stay tuned for details!
NLP sets are so infectious!
They had everyone moving!
DJ Electron-C (USA) up next in the hidden Torque room.
I think they reached their highest crowd of the night during his set.
And everyone back here was always in such a great mood!
Were they giving me that “you da man” signal or that “get the fuck out of the booth” signal? You decide.
Outside, 9PM arrived.
And DJ Dave London (GB/USA).
MC MB was providing some narrative for Dave London’s set too.
Always great to see Dave London!
And now for something completely different!
DJ Mark Vee (USA)
Who put on some songs and then went straight to the barrier!
He was so excited to be playing again. And the crowd was equally excited to see him again!
He was as animated as they come!
And he had the dance floor packed!
The lasers were flying!
DJ Molecule (USA) in the Chamber.
It was fascinating to see how many were in this room all night and far more than we saw in the DnB hallway in the Radisson at Breaks at the Beach and Beats at the Beach earlier this year.
DJ SST (USA) watching from the rear. Unfortunately, did not see his set.
Outside, DJ Supernaut (USA).
He was quite animated too!
Always great to see Supernaut!
Inside, DJ Keith Mackenzie (USA) had taken over!
To be joined shortly by MC Sporty-O (USA) and Dancer Kriss Reign (USA).
Sporty-O delivering the Bootybreaks lyrics to illDJ Chris B/DJ Fixx hit “International Wingman”.
They say you can never go wrong with Go Go girls!
Damn! They were right!
Spotted: illDJ Chris B (USA) himself filming the action.
Dance floor fully packed now!
Torque means DJ Circle K (USA).
And of course, MC Collaborator!
We hope to see the return of monthly Torque events soon!
Circle K had the dancers in a frenzy!
That super-high paced DnB can do that!
Spotted by the stage: DJ Mynd (USA) with Allison.
Spotted at the railing: DJ Mynd with DJ Huda Hudia (USA)
Spotted just before his set: DJ Huda Hudia with his bride Ashleigh.
This pic looked just a little bleached-out.
So we did a retake.
Spotted in VIP: DJ AfrodisiaX
illDJ Chris B with Kriss Reign.
Long time no see! DJ Tony Faline (USA) up next.
Going old school on us with “Smack My Bitch Up”.
The Blog archives indicate we last saw Tony Faline at Suite B Lounge in 2014 LINK and at District 3 in Tampa in 2015 LINK. It’s been awhile!
Packed to the rafters!
Outdoors for DJ Chris Craze (USA).
It was jammed out here now too!
Chris Craze is always a popular choice!

We know him from his former residencies at Floyd’s Nightclub in the Seminole Hard Rock Casino and at club Amphtheatre in Ybor City. More recently we saw him regularly at Red Coconut Club in Universal CityWalk. LINK
In the DnB Chamber, DJ Spinscott (USA).
It was a special Jungle set that drew-in the crowd!
First time seeing him play!
At midnight, DJ Dara (USA) took over.
Still pictures can’t replicate the speed at which these two were moving!
Still crowded here too.
Old School set.
Heading back to the main room and walked into THIS!
It was Huda vs DJ 30A (USA)!
This picture captures the kind of fun they (and everyone) were having last night!
Breaks still bring out the crowds if you have the right talent playing. Best of Breaks Promotions delivered!
Some of their selections included segments from Agnelli and Nelson’s (GB) “Everyday”, Opus III (GB) “Fine Day” and even Daft Funk’s (F) “Harder Faster Better Stronger”.
On the patio, DJ Bebe (USA)!
Yes! Breaks version of another Calvin Harris hit, “How Deep Is Your Love”.
Bebe is the originator of the Breaks Yo! brand with events that take place in South Beach and tonight at McSorley’s in Fort Lauderdale Beach!
Hope to see him bring “Breaks Yo” back to O-town sometime!
At 1AM, DJ Losman (USA) and Tooltime (USA) took over the patio. These guys are like The Bickersons, each constantly and critiquing the other’s work!
But the music was good nonetheless.
I think the critiques go in one ear…..and out the other!
The crowd didn’t mind!
DJ Scotty B (USA) was the official judge of the competition. He opens for Bonnie X Clyde (USA) on September 18th at Gilt Concert Venue.
Kriss Reign provided some distraction.
And the dance floor stayed busy for this final outdoors set.
Good stuff!
Final DnB set in the Torque room from Bass Banditz (USA).
Still a crowd in the room but a bit thinned just a bit out from earlier.
But over in the main room, it was 1:30AM and no one was leaving!
Everyone here to see Spacemen Live (USA)!
Only the second time seeing them play!
Back in 2014 at Firestone they wore capes LINK instead of the current jackets.
Absolutely fascinating!
Wow, what a night! A good time was had by all.