Concert Report: Orlando’s First Drive-In Rave (Ace Cafe)

Ace Cafe is a venue we’ve seen numerous DJ events in over the past few years and yesterday it was home to Orlando’s first drive-in Rave!
Tail Break Rave was home to an 11-hour extravaganza dedicated to Breaks and Bass. The idea was to kickstart Orlando’s club scene again following the covid19 closures.
I was pleasantly surprised to find more than a dozen cars already here at the 1PM opening! The idea was to have everyone separated by keeping them in or near their cars where they could enjoy the music but not get too close to each other!
Cars lined up in the order they arrived and the show beginning right on time!
With DJ Jeff Justice (USA).
Delivering what the crowd wanted!
You were encouraged to stay around your vehicle and you really shouldn’t come up to the dance floor.
But the early crowd did anyway!
Second-up in the batting order, DJ Sisco (USA).
Breaks or bust!
Next-up getting ready to come on.
DJ Lisa Lloyd (USA)
I don’t usually comment on DJ hair (or for some DJ’s, the lack of)….. but that hair!
Hailing from the Space Coast, first time seeing DJ Lisa Lloyd.
Just not a lot of people here yet in mid-afternoon.
Let’s wander around a bit to see who was here!
There’s no school like the old school!
The Tail Break Rave logo store.
Chilling on the mezzanine!
Crop top!
Spotted on the grassy knoll: Spark-D (USA)
Critical to the success of the event, numerous announcements about this throughout the evening.
Outfits reminded me of EDC-Orlando last November.
DJ Afrodisiax (USA) batting clean-up!
He would deliver a rousing set!
As the parking lot and dance floor slowly filled.
He was tag-teaming with another DJ for their set.
DJ G-Force (USA)
Just great music to open the day!
With more peeps making their way forward.
Rain threatened throughout the afternoon but fortunately stayed away. The cloudy skies actually were a blessing. Florida’s August humidity was already miserable but a sunny day would have turned the parking lot into a frying pan!
Only one substitution all-event, DJ Dustin “Dynasty” Nelson (USA) had to be replaced.
Always great to see DJ Losman (USA) on the decks!
Always great to hear a Losman set!
He was quite animated!
Appearance of the unicorn!
One of many legends playing yesterday!
DJ Jason Brown (USA)
Another great set!
Meanwhile in the VIP DJ Parking area, DJ Jimmy Joslin (USA) chilling with his wife pre-set.
And at 5:45PM, he was on!
When I moved to Orlando in 2000, I was a Pleasure Islander for 8 years and generally did not go downtown. But so many commercials on terrestrial radio stations like 95.3Party advertised club nights featuring DJ Jimmy Joslin!
Mixing a set of new songs…..and Old Skool!
So many of the 90’s Dance hits were Breaks.
Relaxing in the parking lot…..people came prepared!
The lot was filling up!
This couple came in a rental truck and brought their sofa!
Spotted by the dance floor: The Peppers and friends.
It’s always a good omen for your concert when a giant panda shows up!
You can never go wrong with giant pandas!
Spotted backstage: Jody Marie with friend.
Spotted backstage: DJ Huda Hudia (USA) with Ashleigh.
Spotted inside Ace Cafe: Go Go girls!
They say you can never go wrong with Go Go girls.
They were right!
Up next, DJ Tooltime (USA).
Used to see him a lot at the now-closed Bar B.
He had everyone bouncing!
Spotted in VIP: Natasa & Madeline…..
…..and Jennifer!
During a dinner break inside Ace Cafe, day turned into night.
Spotted backstage: DJ Mark Sanchez (USA). We last saw him play last NYE at EPCOT: Italy when no one had a clue about what 2020 was about to bring. He’ll be playing on the Saturday night of Labor Day weekend at Oasis on the River in Sanford.
The parking lot was now filled with over 100 vehicles!!
DJ duo GN (USA).
Made up of DJ’s GSMontana and Neuroziz.
Dance floor stayed active. Floor didn’t get crowded because most people remained on or about their cars.
Another legend from 90’s Dance, DJ Huda Hudia (USA).
Always great to get to see him play!
It finally rained between around 7PM to 9PM but few abandoned the dance floor, lol.
It was generally a light sprinkle except for around 15 minutes of the heavy stuff.
Spotted in the DJ tent: DJ Solstice (USA) of SSquared Studios with DJ Phin (USA).
In the 9:30PM time slot, DJ OnDaMike (USA).
He was busting loose and animated!
Social distancing in progress.
And then the headliner of the event…..
And the floor got packed!
DJ Magic Mike (USA).
Giving us a set of old and new reminiscent of Sunday night SIN at House of Blues!
I’ve been told that you can never go wrong with Go Go girls!
All too soon it was 11:30PM, Magic Mike was finished yet no one was leaving just yet!
David Jensen is DJ Sweet Charlie (USA).
Finishing out the night that no one wanted to end!
We’re not privy to the financials but a statement was definitely made last night that there is pent-up demand for DJ events and if you can get your crowd to cooperate with social distancing and masks, there is a path forward during the covid-19 era we’re in right now.
A good time was had by all.