Concert Report: Rabbit In The Moon (Ace Cafe)

Ace Cafe was once again the place to be last night for yet another amazing event! A sibling of the famous Ace Cafe in London, the Orlando branch has become the home to so many great DJ concert events.
There was two stages of music with the inside stage beginning at 2PM.
DJ Si-Dog (USA) was the opener doing a Breaks set.
To the opener comes the spoils…..of a nearly empty room. Doesn’t matter. Si-Dog put out old school classics like Snap’s (D) “Rhythm Is a Dancer” and new school hits like a Breaks version of Tiesto’s (NL) “Business”.
The outside stage was on the famous Ace Cafe lawn and was not scheduled to go live until 6PM.
Sound check in progress.
It was a good thing the outside had a later starting time because a steady drizzle fell throughout the afternoon.
VIP area awaiting the masses.
All taking place under the Orlando skyline.
Up next inside was DJ Tooltime (USA).
While the dance floor remained empty at this early hour, the DJ Tooltime Fan Club was on stage filming his set.
Rain continued to fall outside.
The 5PM hour arrived and DJ Shade Baez (USA) took over.
A few people appeared inside but most arrivals were outside on the covered patio where a bar was in operation.
A few brave dancers on the floor.
First time seeing him play!
The entry queue in operation. The line would get long as the afternoon moved into evening.
DJ Jimi The Genius (USA) up next at 6PM and part of the Miami-based contingent playing last night.
Breaks inside, of course!
6PM also meant the opening of the outside stage.
DJ Dose (USA)
Outside, the stage was devoted to House music.
We last saw Dose play at the Shipwrecked Music Festival over in Tampa back in April. LINK
The fore-mentioned outdoor patio.
DJ Supernaut (USA) continuing the Breaks inside.
We last saw him play at the Breaks At The Beach event in Port Canaveral back in March. LINK
Another one of the great South Florida DJ’s playing last night!
The rain finally began to taper a bit after 7PM.
For DJ Lola B (USA).
Her set began with what I would call Chill but the pace quickened into regular House.
And with the rain slacking, a few dancers began to migrate outside.
More and more!
Best of Breaks Promotions was in the house! Spacemen Live (USA) have been added to their event on August 7th here at Ace Cafe and advance tickets can be purchased here.
Spotted in the restaurant: Anthony and World Famous Shawn Fenn. Because I’ve got a flight to catch this afternoon and I want to get this article loaded, I will dispense with photo captions for now, except for the performing DJ’s.
Amtrak 92 Silver Star headed northbound to New York Penn Station passing by right on schedule.
This group flew in from San Francisco just to see Rabbit In The Moon!
Spotted at the bar: Christine & Amanda (with photo bomb)
Spotted at the bar: Christine & Amanda (without photo bomb)
Back inside for DJ Merlyn (USA)
Always great to hear him play.
Spotted: DJ Merlyn with World Famous Shawn Fenn.
Spotted: DJ Merlyn without World Famous Shawn Fenn.
Inside dance floor really began to populate during Merlyn’s set.
As did the outside dance floor.
Day turned into night for…..
A powerful House set from DJ Fiin (USA).
First time seeing this Miami-based DJ play.
Those outside stayed well-back from the stage though….for now.
Back inside to catch some of DJ Exzakt (USA) set.
He was impressive.
First time seeing him perform too.
And he drew a crowd!
Back outside, for one of the headliners.
DJ Lee Foss (USA)
Mixing both vocal and non-vocal House….and maybe a bit of Techno in there?
A bit blurry but it will give you the idea that things were really beginning to get busy!
Over the past few years we’ve seen the Los Angeles-based DJ play locally at Elixir, Gilt and Celine.
The outside vibe really beginning to build.
The final indoor set ran from 10PM to 11PM with DJ Monk (USA).
He had the dance floor bouncing!
And it got packed!
Monk was once a part of the original Rabbit In The Moon group. Once his set concluded, everyone needed to go outside for the big event.
“Gonna start dancing in a moment. But first, let me take a selfie.”
Then after a 20-minute intermission outside, the reason everyone was here!!
You can never go wrong with scantily-clad females!
On the catwalk, Bunny from duo Rabbit In The Moon (USA).
With his eye-blinking staff.
He would go through numerous costume changes.
Bunny is just half of RITM. The other half is DJ David Christophere.
And he pumped out the music during the 90-minute set.
The bouncing ball. There were actually no surprises during the set; pretty much all that I remember from the RITM concert at House of Blues in Lake Buena Vista back in 2017. But it never ceases to amaze!
Lots of freeze action!
Bunny in the light suit.
It was sooo crowded!
Bunny in the mirror suit.
Grinding away on a volunteer from the audience!
During his final costume change, a dance party on the catwalk.
Including guests from the crowd.
Bunny in a bubble, being rolled-out down the catwalk and then out into the crowd to be bounced around! The performance is pretty amazing and from chatting with people, it was about 50/50 as to whether they had seen RITM previously.
Closing out the night, DJ Danny Daze (USA).
Wow, what an event! A good time was had by all.