Shipwrecked Music Festival (Tampa)

Shipwrecked Music Festival arrived in Tampa’s Ybor City area last night, and OEN was there!
The event ran from 5PM until 1AM and we arrived fashionably late after 6PM as a crowd was slowly beginning to build.
There were two main stages, one inside and this one outdoors where DJ duo Cut & Sew (USA) were playing House and Deep House.
This door led to the indoor stage in the basement of the adjoining building.
In this large room.
Where a Heavy Bass set was being delivered by DJ Golden Child (USA).
At many events with multiple stages, each stage would be devoted to a single genre of dance music. Not so at Shipwrecked where it was the stages that switched genres with each set!
So where we heard House on the outdoor stage last hour, the next DJ up played Heavy Bass.
DJ JuLo (USA). He mentioned he lives just up the street!
Inside, where Bass and Dubstep dominated the prior set, now became the House stage with DJ Dose (USA).
Just a small crowd to begin with
But it began to build as Dose blew the place up with Big Room hits like Fisher (AUS) “Freaks“.
Spotted on the dance floor: Rae with friend. They were sadly in Orlando last weekend for “Abduction 2021” when it got cancelled.
Spotted on the dance floor: Mrs. Dose with Jessica.
DJ Dose is based in Orlando.
By the end of his set, the room was jammed!
Back outside to hear DJ Cristhian Balcazar (USA).
Taking place in Ybor City, the venue was surrounded by old cigar factories.
Day was turning into night. as Balcazar delivered a great House set.
Cristhian Balcazar is based in Miami.
There was a lack of seating at Shipwrecked so the weary took a break wherever they could.
Back inside for the rather earthy DJ Angelic Root (USA).
He had the room packed!
He had everyone bouncing!
Angelic Root is based out of Denver.
It was suddenly already 9PM and the outside stage switched to Bass as DJ Manic Focus (USA) took over.
His set was so unique though that after a half hour I had to ask those around me what genre he was playing. The best answer I heard was Electro Hip Hop Soul. Yes, that really hit the nail on the head since he was fusing all those things!
The second half hour of his set was more the expected Dubstep and Heavy Bass.
And he had the heads-a-banging. Manic Focus plays Orlando next Saturday night outdoors at Ace Cafe. ADVANCE TICKETS.
Drink lines were long. They could have made a lot more money if they had more drink stations.
Inside, DJ duo Meen (USA) took over.
Based in Orlando, we’ve seen them numerous times at Elixir and Celine.
That look you get from great House music.
They never disappoint!
Spotted on the dance floor: OMG, that guy we’ve all seen on street corners spinning that sign!
There was actually a third area of music too; a silent disco. You were assigned a pair of headphones and you could listen to one of the three DJ’s spinning on different radio channels.
On Channel 2, I believe this might be Chillin Williams (USA) but not sure.
On Channel 1, I believe this might be DJ Rude Reed (USA) but not sure.
On Channel 3, definitely recognize DJ Just Haylee (USA) as she played at Neon Beach in Orlando a couple weeks ago.
Later on, we spotted DJ Ronnie Lopez (USA) delivering product to Channel 3.
10PM and DJ Omnom (USA) on the main stage!
Bringing a little Dirtybird flavor to the night!
Playing one of my favorites of the moment, Anti-Up “Pizza“.
We last saw (barely) Omnom at the last EDC-Orlando in 2019. LINK EDC-Orlando is back this November so if you don’t already have tickets, get them now here.
Back into the fray!
Where we found DJ Digital Ethos (USA) in the booth.
He had a crowd!
His music is described more as Freeform Bass but it was still on the heavy side!
Outside for the evening’s wrap-up set from DJ Loco Dice (TN/D).
Originally from Tunisia but now based in Düsseldorf, he was a last minute edition to the Shipwrecked lineup, replacing DJ Nora en Pure (CH/ZA). A reminder that if you had a Shipwrecked Pass from last night that was purchased in advance, your ticket is also good for a special Nora makeup show on May 29th here at the same venue! Loco Dice was a great replacement though.
Meanwhile, closing out the night inside in a now-really warm jammed room, DJ Jantsen (USA).
He didn’t start slow and build up from there. He opened with a loud and obnoxious Dubstep song that had everyone going crazy!
He whipped the crowd into a frenzy!
First time seeing Jantsen playing.
The entire festival was done well and at both stages, a good time was had by all.