Abduction 2021 Cancelled In Progress Due To Weather!

Abduction 2021 day had finally arrived!
Downtown Orlando had that festival feel to it similar to the vibe when EDC-Orlando is in town! The event began at 5PM and when I arrived at 5:15PM, the line already stretched beyond the former AT&T Building and down Amelia Street to near the SunRail tracks.
They did a great job keeping the line moving, offering separate stations for Temperature Check.
And ID check and ticket scanning.
Abduction 2021 was themed around aliens arriving and taking over downtown Orlando.
Insomniac always does a great job at theming!
Once inside the grounds, there were drink stations and a merchandise tent.
Another set of bars by the main stage.
The grounds were expanded from what we saw at Boo! Orlando last October. This secondary stage was dedicated to Heavy Bass and Dubstep and reached into this area behind the AT&T Building.
Missed the 5PM DJ completely but got to see the 6PM DJ.
Jinx (USA)
The early crowd was already getting in to it!
Alien-theming was all over the place!
Mars Attacks!
Amazing set-ups!
Now over to the main stage where the 6PM DJ was already performing.
Acraze (USA). DJ’s Tchami (F) and Diplo (USA) were scheduled for later. But the wind picked up dramatically with pieces of fencing falling down and the Security team trying desperately to hold up numerous flagpoles from toppling over.
All of a sudden the music stopped. People thought that maybe the wind had shaken some wires loose and it would get quickly fixed. But the lack of music dragged on for 10 minutes when it was announced that due to expected bad weather, the grounds needed to be evacuated immediately.
And even though most of us had only just arrived onto the grounds a few minutes earlier, we complied and departed adjacent a long line of people still waiting to get in, wondering what was going on.
I heard some complaining that the event shouldn’t have been cancelled but Insomniac absolutely made the right call. This was an outdoor concert and there was no room to put a few thousand people indoors at The Vanguard. The forecast was for the approaching cold front, which had reached derecho status when it crossed the Florida panhandle a day earlier, to have 40mph+ winds and lightning. Most people headed to the main part of downtown where bars and restaurants like Neon Beach, Elixir and Sly Fox were jammed. Sound Bar was a popular destination as a Heavy Bass event was already planned. I met a lot of people that were from out-of-town that flew-in for Abduction and had air and hotel expenses.
After the party was the afterparty, a separately-ticketed event that like Abduction itself was sold out.
Beginning at 10PM, and opening back-to-back set from DJ 4B (USA) and DJ Flossdradamus (USA).
They were originally scheduled to play outside at 9PM.
Their set was dominated by Trap, Dubstep and Heavy Bass.
The lasers were flying.
Habstrakt (F) would be up next and would continue with the Heavy stuff before Tchami and Diplo would come on much later.
The young crowd loved it. But I bailed early.
A most-interesting day. For those that made the afterparty, a good time was had by all. For those with tickets only to the main event, it was definitely disappointing. Full refunds are coming though.