EDC Orlando – Day 2

One day down, two to go!
Eerily quiet shortly before 1pm.
Friday night’s rain required some patchwork on the field.
But overall things were looking good! Let’s do this!
The North Gate moments prior opening.
In the neonGARDEN, DJ Juliet Fox (D).
The opening of the gates were delayed about 15 minutes but the shows have to operate on time so the tent was empty at this point but it would not stay that way for long.
Can’t begin the day much better than Techno!
No one gathered yet at the kineticFIELD main stage either.
DJ Adam Auburn (USA) started on time over here too.
House music all day long!
Soon the very first fan arrived!
The Wide Awake Art Car will go Breaks for us later today (Sunday) but on Saturday it was mostly Heavy Bass.
DJ Donny Carr (USA) on the controls.
This stage is small but so cool.
Over at Corona Electric Beach, Too Heavy Crew (USA) was delivering the Tech House.
We know these guys from downtown Orlando!
Just a few gathered so far down on the playa.
First visit of the day to the circuitGROUNDS stage.
For DJ Hallucinate (USA).
We haven’t seen her play since last year at Peek Downtown as seen here: https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-g_tF5sku7AI/WmNPukaU7LI/AAAAAAAA8u4/q8Ce0s9S1RA8zAMxix-KMy8l9dJeMb-owCLcBGAs/s1600/DSCN2234.JPG
Mostly Dubstep, of course!
DJ Fury & MC Dino (USA) taking over next!
DnB set!
Spotted: The Z-Boyz DJ Tony Z & DJ David Z.
A lot of the youngsters were not familiar with Jungle but the crowd would continue to grow!
Now over to the stereoBLOOM stage.
For DJ Tsunami (USA).
Back to the kineticFIELD where a lot more people had gathered!
Can never go wrong with some Deep House!
It’s been about a year since we saw the Zurich-based EDX at Celine: https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-lE6HiojNvrk/W5KAH5aTcsI/AAAAAAABAfo/_zpROSqRQwEtoMFnQtZnme7eh1FbU_PcACLcBGAs/s1600/DSCN1239.JPG
DJ i_o (USA) would take over the main stage next.
Water features.
i_o is a rising star on Deadmau5’s label.
Back into the neonGARDEN.
DJ Layton Giordani (USA).
The tent was dedicated to Techno on Saturday. Tonight it will go Trance!
Back to the Art Car stage.
DJ Sysdemes (USA)
Mostly Heavy Bass set began to build a crowd.
Back to stereoBLOOM.
Great House set from Offaiah (GB).
The beach!
Toronto was representing!
The circuitGROUNDS stage this year is in the Tinker Field spot normally the home of the main kineticFIELD stage.
DJ Mysic Grizzly (USA)
DJ duo Calyx & Teebee (GB)
More Drum & Bass.
There’s something for everyone at EDC!
Making kandi bracelets.
Somewhere, over the rainbow.
Always good to see CID (USA) play!
Sometimes you just need some EDM!
More straight House music at the Wide Awake Art Car.
While over at stereoBLOOM…..
House music from VNSSA (USA).
A bit more of a Dirtybird sound from VNSSA.
In the tent, more Techno from DJ Bart Skils (NL).
While back to Heavy Bass from DJ Callie Reiff (USA).
Compact stage but bursting with fun!
One of my favorites, DJ Omnom (USA).
Part of the Dirtybird label.
Spotted in VIP: DJ Sky Mareci (USA), DJ Landis (USA) & DJ Chino (USA).
DJ Chino with DJ Nitti Gritti (USA).
View into the masses from atop Camping World Stadium.
circuitGROUND stage lit up at night!
EDC is an electrical wonderland!
kineticFIELD at night is truly amazing too!
For extra, you can lounge at the Skydeck.
Nice view!
But let’s go back into the tent.
DJ Anna (BR)
Techno music all night long!
That hair!
DJ No Mana (USA)
A Discovery Project winner, we had first seen No Mana at EDC-Orlando in 2015: https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-GotMsoVTTCc/Vj9sh5HKhNI/AAAAAAAAuWw/txSq9ykiSds/s1600/DSCN3392.JPG
Still full of energy, time to finish out the night!
DJ Afrojack (NL)
We got to see Afrojack live at SiriusXM studios in New York last year: https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-AsVAMWfBHYM/Ww9U6BSuqVI/AAAAAAAA-_I/YgWai20ajdgZ4ByDPdp30e1VIS-NSpoWwCLcBGAs/s1600/DSCN0610.JPG
Hosue / EDM set.
EDC draws fans from around the world!
Rezz (CDN) was up next.
Famous for those lighted goggles.
Heavy Bass set.
Headlining at neonGARDEN…..
DJ Adam Beyer (S)
One of the kings of Techno!
The lineup card said “Surprise Guest” at the Art Car.
It was none other than i_o (USA).
From the main stage to up close and personal!
One last visit to stereoBLOOM.
For a rousing Dirtybird set from Dombresky (F).
And one final visit to the main stage!
And there they were!
Tony and Jono are……Above & Beyond (GB).
A DJ trio, you never know which two you’re going to get!
They always put on an amazing set!
Everywhere on Day 2, a good time was had by all.

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