EDC Orlando – Day 3

Wow, it was already time for Day 3 of EDC!
This time we began at Corona Electric Beach.
With Birmingham Drive (USA) doing a FLL SND set.
Just a bit crowded there in the booth lol.
But already some peeps on the strand for House music!
Next stop, the circuitGROUNDS.
First stop for many streaming onto the EDC grounds.
For the third day in a row, Dubstep and Heavy Bass at this stage.
If you’re traveling from the three west stages to the stereoBLOOM stage, Daisy Lane is the way to go.
Also known as the Cross Harbor Bridge, the $5 toll saves you at least 10 minutes versus walking around all the water. SunPass/E-Pass/E-ZPass accepted. Just kidding; there is no toll.
The stereoBLOOM stage is at the other end of the bridge.
With the EDC gates having just opened, only a handful had arrived.
Opening set from DJ Edgar V (USA).
This stage was all Trance on Friday and all House on Saturday and Sunday.
The light early crowd size would quickly change as you’ll see later.
The kineticFIELD stage is the main stage at EDC – Orlando.
This stage used to be located in Tinker Field west of the stadium but it had gotten so huge each year that they moved it east of the stadium across Rio Grande Avenue.
Opening set here from local DJ duo Yokai (USA).
Well known in Orlando nightclubs, their set yesterday was EDM and House.
Neon Garden the past few EDC’s was housed in a massive tent structure.
This year it was completely open-air.
Opening set from DJ ADIN (NL) playing Techno.
We spent much of our Saturday here at the Rynobus Art Car stage but we visited only a few times yesterday. Programmed locally, Friday was House, Saturday was Breaks and yesterday was Heavy Bass.
Dubstep / Heavy Bass set from DJ duo Dream Takers (USA).
They were both passionate about their music.
And they had already drawn a crowd.
Heads were a-banging!
Day 3 meant a lot of team pictures.
We’d like to thank everyone who posed for pictures!

Where’s the beach? Corona Beach!
DJ Prankstisci (USA) in the booth playing House and EDM.
Most recently “Pranksta” has been the Saturday night resident DJ at new downtown club Fixtion.
The crowd was growing at stereoBLOOM.
The EDC bugs were performing.
When I did my pre-EDC research on DJ’s I wasn’t familiar with, Kaleena Zanders (USA) was one of those names. My notes indicated she did her own vocals.
But that meant little until I experienced it. Most of her House set had vocals…..and she provided them!
It was almost a Gospel experience!
But the drops had the crowd in a frenzy!
If you ever get a chance to experience Kaleena Zanders, don’t miss her! Wow!
Activity picking up at kineticFIELD.
DJ duo Moski (NL).
Loved listening to their mostly EDM set.
This pic shows the difference between the VIP section in the foreground and the GA section on the other side of the barrier. The difference is the number of people.
Up next on the same stage, Endless Summer.
Endless Summer is a collaboration between DJ’s Sam Feldt (NL) and Jonas Blue (GB).
They seemed to be really enjoying that collaboration in their very EDM-filled set.
The crowd was really getting into it too!
Besides air conditioned bathrooms, another benefit of VIP right here.
Back in the GARDEN.
DJ Brennen Grey (USA) delivering Techno,
This stage was sponsored by Factory93.
Because as everyone knows, Factory93 means Techno, Techno, Techno!
A fun day at the beach!
DJ Mednas (MA/USA).
House set!
And he had a crowd down there!
Thank you again everyone for the poses.
One more visit to circuitGROUNDS.
DJ Pauline Herr (USA) was on the decks, literally and figuratively.
Mostly a Heavy Bass set, there were EDM selections in there too but with the Dubstep drops.
That “V” on the screen at stereoBLOOM could only mean one thing!
DJ duo Black V Neck (USA)……although we only got one of them, apparently.
Lots of vocal House in his set to this now-enormous crowd.
As day turned into night.
DJ Edgar V again! Twice in one day, this time at Corona Electric Beach.
More House music from this master.
You can never go wrong with Go Go girls.
Packed beach!
Back to the bus!
Dubstep or not, couldn’t miss DJ Sara Bento (USA).
First time seeing her play.
And she had a good-sized audience down there!
Another female DJ in progress over at the neonGARDEN.
DJ Ellen Allien (D)
The Berlin-based DJ was going Hard Techno on us!
Big crowd in the club.
The kineticFIELD main stage after dark had so many looks.
Massive in size, massive in creativity. Last year the song seemingly “everybody” played was “Do It To It” but this year it was either “Drugs From Amsterdam” or one of those Bad Bunny songs I can’t pronounce.
We went over to the main stage one last time. Travel early this morning prevented staying at EDC any later.
DJ Trance trio (although normally only two appear at any one time) Above & Beyond (GB).
We got Paavo and Tony! I’m not afraid to admit that some of their songs (like “Satellite“) still bring tears to my eyes! We got to meet Paavo and Tony back in 2018 at Place Bell in Montreal. ARTICLE LINK
Staring in awe.
As the 2022 edition of EDC-Orlando sadly concluded for me.
And the drones…..the drones!
Big thanks to Insomniac for Press accommodations at EDC. What an amazing event, delivered on time one day after a hurricane passed through town. Absolutely amazing! A good time was had by all.