Concert Report: Labor Day Bash (House of Blues)

In the annals of Orlando music history, one weekly event defined Sunday nights. Service Industry Night (SIN) at House of Blues.
And last night we got to reprise SIN memories beginning with DJ Jimmy Joslin (USA).
Sunday night SIN operated until 2015 when it got axed by the Mouse.
Jimmy was playing a lot of Old Skool Dance for this opening 2-hr set as people filed-in.
But even as early as 8PM, he already had a crowd!
And at least this early, there was still some space for Break dancing!
Didn’t see a logo store anywhere but they could have sold a hundred of those lineup shirts last night.
Jimmy Joslin was one of the original HOB SIN DJ’s.
Dance floor space beginning to fill-in.
“I’ll drink to that!”
All too soon it was 9PM and the dance floor was already jammed.
For DJ Kimball Collins (USA).
Known for his Progressive House sets at AAHZ and Alternative sets at Barbarella 2.0, Kimball’s set last night included a lot of classics such as Olive (GB) hit “You’re Not Alone” and a remix of Pink Floyd (GB) hit “Another Brick in the Wall”.
And OMG, Kimball was as animated as we’re ever seen him!
He had the crowd bouncing!
People as far as the eye could see!
Kimball blew the crowd away!
Kimball tells OEN that there will be an AAHZ Reunion again this year so be sure to block-off Wednesday, November 23rd (Thanksgiving Eve) on your calendar!
Spotted backstage: Angel Candelaria of Culture Productions, Luis Evans of Vizion 1, opening DJ Jimmy Joslin and Thomas Toole of Best of Breaks Promotions.
We ran into many peeps last night, some we knew and many we didn’t!
Chicago crowd in the HOB!
10PM arrived and it was time for the Bass Queen herself.
DJ Baby Anne (USA)
Joined for some narration by ill DJ ChrisB (USA).
Live rendition of Blog-favorite hit “International Wingman” off Baby Anne’s “Babylicious” album.
Just like the old SIN nights!
People everywhere!
Packed to the rafters!
A lively set indeed; it’s always great to see “Baby on the decks”!
You can never go wrong with Go Go girls. Hard to get a pic of dancer Kriss Reign since her outfit reflected all the light off our flash.
More peeps!
The best in the business: Photographer Brian Miller.
Taking control at 11PM!
DJ Icey (USA)
Also as animated as we’ve ever seen him!
Mixing some new stuff with some Classics!
The crowd cheered every time a new track came on!
Including my favorite, Agnelli & Nelson’s (GB) “Everyday”.
Wall-to-wall and treetop tall!
Even Baby Anne came back on stage to dance to some of his tunes!
Lots of DJ’s in the club including DJ KJ of K5 (USA) spotted here with Gavin Joslin. DJ KJ will be performing at EDC-Orlando this year! Advance tickets here.
Spotted backstage: DJ KJ flanked by DJ Swagkerr (USA) and DJ Tooltime (USA).
Spotted on the dance floor: DJ Evolv3 (USA), Mary Grace and Moshi Moshi.
Spotted by the bar: DJ Frequie G (USA) with Bill.
Spotted in the foyer: DJ Dee Dee Slay (USA) with Frequie G.
Spotted on the ramp: DeeJay Shaolin (USA) with friend.
Spotted backstage: DJ Gregory B (USA) with Emily.
Spotted upstairs: The Nawty Aerialists (USA) Rose and Dawn.
Spotted on the dance floor: DJ Cliff T (USA) with Kelley.
Spotted on the mezzanine: DJ Bella (USA) and DJ Nikita (USA) formerly of DJ duo Phat Kidz.
Spotted visiting prior to his set: DJ Magic Mike (USA)
Spotted backstage: DJ Afrodisiax (USA)
Spotted backstage: Afrodisiax joined by DJ Tonik (USA) of Tonik’s Lab.
Spotted in VIP: The mysterious DJ X (USA) with DJ Dave Cannalte (USA).
Spotted on the steps: DJ Beni Hill (USA) with friend.
Spotted looking serious: DJ Kimball Collins & DJ Icey.
Spotted in the foyer: DJ Tony Z (USA)
Spotted on the dance floor: DJ Amber Jane (USA) with Eric.
Spotted by the starboard bar: MC Collaborator (USA) with Stephanie.
Spotted by the main doors: DJ Knightlife (USA) with Carla.
Spotted on the dance floor: DJ Losman (USA) with Sandi Kathleen. DJ Losman will be playing on the Breaks Stage at EDC-Orlando in November.
Voted best bartender in the club!
Already midnight and that blue “M” could only mean one thing!
DJ Magic Mike (USA)
Another originator of Sunday Night SIN, I know he felt great to be back on this amazing stage!
Magic Mike and Sunday nights at House of Blues go together like a horse and carriage!
Mrs. Hampton showing she still got it!
Those looks you get from Magic Mike’s amazing set!
Half past midnight and no one was leaving!
The nostalgia and the vibe were as thick as the fog last night. Another great set!
We’re told there were about 1400 pre-sales plus at least 300 walk-ups for a total of 1700 patrons. An absolutely amazing night. A good time was had by all of them.