Concert Report: Deadmau5 (The Vanguard)

Yeah, it’s called The Vanguard now but we can still reminiscence.
Remembering arriving at 11:30pm a few weeks ago for the DJ Illenium (USA) concert and not being able to move, we arrived at 10:30pm last night and found the place equally packed!
There were plenty of mouse heads in attendance!
DJ Inigma (USA) was on the decks when we first arrived.
First time seeing this masked avenger.
Dance floor was wall-to-wall jammed and it was still early.
Rule-of-thumb at these concerts, you never want to stand behind someone who is taller than you…..or is wearing Mau5 ears.
At 11:30PM, DJ Nowave (USA) came on.
Our first time seeing this guy too. His set began on the Vocal House side and each tune got progressively more Technoy.
No, not toilet paper rolls, those are light-up cubes to dance with. Kind of like what we used to dance with: glow sticks back in the day. These kids have no idea.
And then close to 12:30AM, there he was!
Playing without his famous mouse head, Joel Zimmerman is DJ Deadmau5 (CDN).
His set varied between hard Progressive House and Techno.
The lasers were flying!
Deadmau5 has played EDC-Orlando but the last time we actually saw him play LIVE was at House of Blues back in 2009, wow! PHOTO LINK
Spotted on the dance floor: Disney DJ Michael Wycoff (USA) and Laura. (They actually spotted me!)
They had a Deadmau5 logo store.
We were fortunately standing in the third row; not sure how those at the rear survive. He did wear his famous Mau5 head later in the show but I was in the back of the crowd by then.
But no matter where you were standing, a good time was had by all.