Club Report: Manikins Lounge (Sanford)

Manikins Lounge is located in historic downtown Sanford.
Named after the numerous mannequins located around the club.
Some are so realistic that you have to do a double-take to see if they’re real or not. I recall visiting Manikins last year and hitting on a girl at the bar for nearly 10 minutes before realizing she wasn’t a real person!
What’s changed since that visit last year is that DJ Paul Vaine (USA) of Visage and Venue 13 fame is now the Friday & Saturday night resident DJ.
And with the lease of the spot next door, Manikins is now twice the width and much more roomy!
The dance floor still had room when I first arrived.
But it would quickly fill-in for the music that ranged from Industrial to Goth, Darkwave and 80’s Alternative I-Bar Saturday night style!
Spotted on the dance floor: Emily
Spotted on the dance floor: Karen who we know from that other Mannequins dance club!
Spotted on the dance floor: Jason & Andrea
Spotted in the booth: DJ Paul Vaine with his amazing wife Tina Vaine.
Spotted on the dance floor: Kenny & Aline
Spotted on the dance floor: Jennifer & Carl
If you’re looking for the Alternative scene, Paul Vaine delivers it to you ever Friday & Saturday night here at Manikins.
Just remember to wear black.
Awesome place and so worth the drive! A good time was had by all.