Concert Report: Audien (Gilt Concert Venue)

First visit in awhile to Gilt Concert Venue. It’s located away from the downtown core over near Orlando Executive Airport (ORL).
Opening the Gilt big room at 11PM, arrived to find DJ Axel Palacios (USA) in the booth along with DJ Spacii Boizz (D/USA).
Their set ranged from House to Trance as the dance floor filled up.
Local favorite DJ D-Day (USA) would cover the middle shift and continued the mostly House vibe.
He had the crowd bouncing.
Lots of bottles being sold in VIP last night.
And then at 1AM, the guy everyone was here to see: DJ Audien (USA).
A confetti explosion engulfed the crowd!
Over the years we’ve seen Audien play at Firestone, at EDC-Orlando, here at Gilt and even at Levels in Gainesville. It’s always a great show as he mixes his own hits with those of others.
Spotted on the dance floor: Erick & Donna
Spotted in VIP: Joel & Sammy representing Suite B Lounge; Sammy & Dina representing Egypt.
Spotted in VIP: Men with Hats Event Maker Ian Blaze with DJ Axel Palacios.
Spotted in VIP: Men without Hats Event Maker Ian Blaze with DJ Axel Palacios.
Spotted in VIP: (insert name) & birthday girl Babita.
Since our last visit, the DJ booth has been renovated and those LED panels in front of and behind the DJ installed. Impressive.
View from VIP. Audien would stay on the House/EDM side all night.
Great show and a good time was had by all.