EDC Orlando – Day 1

The calm before the storm. Fifteen minutes prior to the bedlam beginning on the first day of Electric Daisy Carnival – Orlando.
Daisy Lane, the new pedestrian bridge which crosses the lake that had in the past hindered movement.
The world now revolves around social media photo opportunities. There are many at EDC.
The playa at Corona Electric Beach is one of 7 music stages this year!
The circuitGROUNDS stage.
The new to EDC-Orlando stereoBLOOM stage.
Getting ready to begin…..
DJ Arcada (USA)
Another soon to be photo op.
I saw this on the map but didn’t know what it was. The Rynobus Art Car was the 7th stage of music this year!
It’s also a video game arcade with gaming screens inside and out!
The Wide Awake Art Car would soon be open for business too!
The amazing kineticFIELD main stage!
Zooming in!
As with the past few years, the neonGARDEN stage is inside a tent. DJ Adin (NL) warming up.
With it looked like DJ Luccio (USA) helping out.
Larger than past years, the tent has 8 teets this year versus just 6 in the past.
Moments before 1PM, the long lines outside are ready to burst open!
You know from my Club articles that I usually try to put together an orderly stream of photos organized to tell a story. Not so with these EDC articles. There is literally hundreds of shots and only enough time to get them posted before heading back out for Day 2!
While the grandstand seating has been demolished, the City of Orlando maintains the former dirt baseball diamond that was Tinker Field. This was the spring training home of the Minnesota Twins as well as minor league teams like the Orlando Twins.
The gates are open and a few have arrived at the circuitGROUNDS.
Opening set from DJ Acraze (USA).
View from VIP.
View from the adjacent Camping World Stadium.
Corona Electric Beach was open for business!
For DJ duo Birthdayy Partayy (USA).
Because it’s always someone’s birthday!
Over to the main stage.
Had missed the opening set from DJ Edgar V (USA) but Bijou (USA) was on.
People wasted no time getting moving!
Amazing stage!
In the neonGARDEN, Artbat (UA).
Just a few Trance fans at this early hour.
Another experience.
Come inside. It’s best if you’re intoxicated though.
Back to the Wide Awake Art Car.
The first half of the day dedicated to a lot of the House DJ’s we see on the Celine Rooftop such as Matt Enos (USA) & Enrique Negron (USA).
And DJ duo MASF (USA).
The crowd here would build throughout the day.
Damaged Goods (USA)
Spotted: DJ Ish (USA)
DJ Minesweepa (USA)
The mysterious DJ 13 (USA).
At stereoBLOOM, DJ GEO (USA).
This stage was dedicated to Heavy Bass all day.
DJ duo Yokai (USA).
Back at kineticFIELD.
Great EDM set from DJ Arty (RUS).
Spotted: DJ Evo (USA)
DJ Sloth (USA) taking over the Art Car.
While DJ Darksiderz (USA) took over stereoBLOOM.
Mexico was in the house!
DJ Morelia (USA) was on the controls at the beach.
As dusk set in at circuitGROUNDS…..
For a loud hard-driving House/Bass set from DJ Cray (CDN).
Around 4pm a persistent drizzle began during a set from 3LAU (USA).
Hard to see him off in the distance.
Inside neonGARDEN, hard to get a picture of DJ Yotto (FIN).
Back to the Rynobus Art Car.
DJ Acraze (USA), who had opened at circuitGROUNDS, was now in Wide Awake Art Car playing a Heavy Bass set.
Spotted: Brian Fink & Ashleigh from iHeart Radio and DJ Pete Werner (USA) & DJ Scotty B (USA) from Promo Only.
DJ Junkie Kid (E) going Hard House.
Never could see his face, lol. I think this is DJ Schade (USA).
DJ duo Adventure Club (CDN) vs Bear Grillz (USA) at circuitGROUNDS.
DJ Rated R (USA) at the Wide Awake Art Car.
Told you! This place was now packed too!
I completely missed Kaskade (USA) and the fireworks told me it was over! It was packed all the way out to the street!
Could not even get close over here!
I could see DJ Timmy Trumpet (AUS) on the monitor though!
He mixes a mostly EDM set with his live trumpet playing.
Verizon has its own lounge.
There were plenty of bars.
Craziness at the Art Car!
DJ Nvikto (RUS)
Can never have too much Trance!
Back in the neonGARDEN tent for Loco Dice (D).
DJ Habstrakt (F) at Corona Beach!
circuitGROUNDS all lit up!
Packed as far as the eye could see!
Dancing in the stadium stairwell.
Spotted upstairs: DJ Edgar V (USA) & DJ Carlos Mendoza (USA). Edgar had opened on the main stage while Carlos opens later today!
I couldn’t get a good picture of Jauz (USA)!
Couldn’t wait around. Had to see a closing set from DJ Charlotte de Witte (B).
I had seen her last weekend at Sound-Bar in Chicago but you can never have enough Charlotte!
You can never go wrong with Go Go girls.
Sunny skies for Day 2 today, hope to see you there! The drizzle and at times light rain did not spoil anyone’s fun and a good time was had by all.

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