Leaders Of The True School 3.0 @ Ace Cafe

Ace Cafe was the place to be last night because everyone who is anyone was there!
It was the 3rd edition of “Leaders of the True School”.
There were three areas of music and I arrived just before 10PM to find DJ Rob-E (USA) of duo Rob-E & Security on the main stage.
The early dance floor was a mix of costumed and non-costumed.
The second area of music was outside on the patio where we found DJ Prophet 808 (USA).
Things were just beginning to pick-up out here too.
Breaks were the theme of the night for LOTS 3.0…..
…..and the DJ’s had everyone bouncing!
With the event taking place on the weekend before Halloween, about a fourth of the crowd wore costumes!
At the rear of Ace Cafe, The Jungle was the third area of music and one of the highlights of the evening was DJ Supagroover (USA) mixing it up with DJ Matrix (USA).
Due to the distance, this room was generally the least populated all night.
Jen & Ira from Mazor Promotions.
Jen & Bridget
Back on the main stage, DJ Frankie Bones (USA).
Spotted: DJ FoxForce005 (USA)
Main dance floor was beginning to fill in as 11PM approached!
On the patio, DJ Bobby Buzz (USA).
DJ Magic Mike (USA)
The instigator of this event, Mr. Future Sound of Breaks himself, Glyn S. Morgan.
Really started crowding up now!
Really getting difficult to move about the place!
Back in the Jungle, DJ Antipop (USA).
Spotted: DJ Justin Rossilini (USA) & DJ Heather Collins (USA). Heather will be performing in the Art Car at Electric Daisy Carnival.
Spotted: Dance singer Fal N (USA).
Spotted: DJ Evolv3 with Brian & Nicole.
Back on the patio, caught the tail end of the DJ Jason Brown (USA) set.
Jason turned the outside controls over to DJ Si-Dog (USA).
JNCO’s live!
Meanwhile inside, Magic Mike turning the booth over to DJ Infiniti (USA).
Everyone played a lot of Old School last night including Infiniti.
Packed to the rafters!
Riverdale High was represented!
Spotted: Mark with DJ Security (USA).
Infiniti ending his set by glad-handing the audience…..
And then being grabbed and taken away!
In the Jungle, DJ Molecule (USA) had taken over.
There was always a steady crowd back here!
Time for another Patio visit where DJ Lee Coombs (GB/USA) dba The Freakazoids was doing business!
Adidas twins!
In the main room, Scott from Jackal & Hyde (GB) doing a DJ set.
Still packed as 1AM passed by!
Spotted in the booth: Infiniti, Magic Mike & Victor.
Spotted at the barrier: DJ Tooltime (USA) & DJ Losman (USA) with friend. Tooltime will also be playing on the Breaks stage on the Sunday of EDC!
One last visit to the Jungle room to hear some high-paced D&B from DJ Circle K (USA).
One last visit to the main room to see the closing set from Q of Uberzone (USA).
A few had departed but it was still mostly jammed down there!
Great music everywhere last night!
And one last visit to the Patio to see DJ Sandy (USA).
Legends DJ Sandy & DJ Si-Dog.
On all three stages around the club, a good time was had by all.

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