Club Reports: The Office, Wall Street Plaza, The Other Bar, Monkey Bar, Celine

Began my Friday night checking out a new club called The Office.
DJ Flatline (USA) was in the booth playing Hip Hop.
It’s primarily a sports bar but with music playing.
There’s beer pong and several dart boards.
This is located upstairs where Stygma used to operate.
The dungeon cage is gone but the tattoo parlor is still here! And if your wife calls and asks where you are, you can truthfully tell here you’re “at the office”.
It’s been awhile since we dropped by Wall Street Plaza, the cordoned-off section of bars located on the street with the same name.
Last night they had a DJ booth set-up at the west end of the plaza.
DJ Mynd (USA) who we know best from The Edison on Pleasure Island was playing EDM!
Not as crowded as we often see but it is a holiday weekend.
Within the Wall Street Plaza complex is The Other Bar.
DJ Adam Wells (USA) was in the booth delivering Hip Hop hits during my visit.
Small group dancing but this is primarily a drink & chit chat venue.
And it can get super-crowded in here!
A little ways down and upstairs within Wall Street Plaza is the hidden gem Monkey Bar.
DJ Dity (USA) on the decks delivering just what I needed: House music!
It’s a small club but it gets so crowded!
Melbourne Shuffle going on!
With House music all night long on Thursday, Friday & Saturday nights!
Celine is coming up on its 1-year anniversary and it has become thee place downtown for world-class DJ’s!
First upstairs to the rooftop where DJ Benny Black (USA) was playing House.
People dancing all over the place!
Great music had everyone moving!
Now inside and downstairs to the main room.
Opening set from DJ Luccio (USA).
Great Trance set from this South Florida-based DJ.
And as 12:30AM approached, it was getting packed down here!
Spotted in VIP: Taliah and Dawn
Spotted in the same place: Taliah & Dawn visiting with Jody Marie, (insert name) & Jeremy.
Spotted in VIP: Holly & Sage
And at 12:20AM, there he was!
DJ Ferry Corsten (NL)
The place was jammed!
He played a lot of songs off his “Blueprint” album.
Ferry last played Orlando in May, 2017 at Gilt Nightclub.
A lot of his songs were played at Mannequins back in the day including my favorite “Rock Your Body Rock”.
Last night his set included both vocal and non-vocal tracks.
One bad thing about Celine is that if you’re in the first couple rows, the angle keeps you from seeing the DJ.
But really it was all about the music so it didn’t matter!
That look you get from Trance!
A good time was had by all!