AAHZ 30th Anniversary Party (The Beacham)

When AAHZ club nights began right here in the old Beacham Theater in 1988, no one could have guessed that 30 years later people would be coming back out to celebrate the music from that era and the legacy that it left. Thanksgiving Eve at The Beacham means it’s time for an AAHZ Reunion!
The 9PM dance floor did not foretell what was to come!
DJ Dave Cannalte (USA) kicking off the festivities with a 3 hour set!
Of course we know Dave from Thursday nights at Mannequins!
The dance floor was filling quickly.
The lasers were flying!
 The people were here to relive the good times from the “AAHZ Decade”.
In his spare time, Dave does music and video programming at Promo Only.
Blew me away playing Rozalla’s “Everybody’s Free (To Feel Good), the final song ever at Mannequins!
 A lot of songs I didn’t know, a lot of songs I did.
The bars were doing a brisk business.
Spotted on the dance floor: Frank and Pam
Spotted on the dance floor: Adam and Lynette
Spotted moving at high speed: AAHZ original Stace Bass!
Spotted by the tech booth: DJ Jerry “The Reverend” Johnson
Spotted near Stage Right: Craig & Jennifer
Spotted backstage: Renee, DJ Pete Werner (USA), CJ and DJ Icey (USA).
Spotted in VIP: Stephanie and Kat
Spotted backstage: DJ Parry (USA) with two friends.
Spotted on the dance floor: Dawn from 8TRAX.
Spotted at the AAHZ Shop: Tracy
Spotted outside the Women’s WC: Jim
Spotted at the barrier: World Famous Shawn Fenn
Midnight arrived and DJ David Christophere (USA) took over.
He’s most famous as one half of duo Rabbit In The Moon (USA).
You could feel the vibe in the air!
A break dance…..broke out!
Yes, it’s true. This is the crowd that only gets out of the house once per year.
Blue lasers!
Pink lasers!
Red lasers!
Multi-colored lasers!
The look you get!
Packed floor!
That magic touch!
Everybody having a great time!
And then there he was, the reason most people were here!
DJ Kimball Collins (USA)
When you think of AAHZ you think of Kimball. When you think of Kimball, you think of AAHZ.
You can never go wrong with Go Go Girls Boys!
Packed to the rafters!
These annual AAHZ Reunions have actually gone on for more years than the original AAHZ club nights, but who cares. We want this!

Spotted on the dance floor: Angela (right) with her daughter.

Spotted at the barrier: SarahK


Spotted on the dance floor: East Side Angie and Christa

Spotted in the booth: Club Photographer Brian Miller

Someone grabbed my camera and took this picture. Probably wanted me to check out that great pair of…….skinny jeans. Yes, that’s it. Great pair!

Spotted lower right: Cristine and Stacey

Spotted on stage: CJ & SarahV

Spotted at the barrier: World Famous Shawn Fenn with friend.

Close to 2AM and no one was leaving!
AAHZ brings out the older crowd, not including me, of course.
Another AAHZ under our belts. Too many drinks, too much fun, lol!
A good time was had by all!