Concert Report: 8TRAX Reunion (Hammered Lamb)

We were back at The Hammered Lamb in Orlando last night, this time for the 8TRAX Reunion show.
Remembering our beloved 70’s night club at Pleasure Island, 8TRAX.
The music provided by DJ Jimmy Joslin (USA), spotted here with his son Gavin.
And original 8TRAX DJ Doc Wells (USA), spotted here with his wife Claudine.
He was wearing an official Pleasure Island tee. For those that are unfamiliar with Pleasure Island, it was a conglomeration of 5 dance clubs plus 2 comedy clubs at Downtown Disney in Lake Buena Vista. Purchase of a ticket got you entry onto the Island and all its clubs.
The Hammered Lamb was all decked out last night with not just one but two…..
…..shiny disco balls!
A track of TV commercials from the 1970’s played in the background!
The show began promptly at 7PM with songs such as “Ain’t No Stopping Us Now”, “If You Think I’m Sexy” and “You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)”. Both DJ’s would play back-to-back all evening long.
The early crowd.
Doc Wells going all-Disco on us with “Fly Robin Fly”, “Mama Mia” and “Car Wash”.
People were kind of dancing where they stood rather than up front near the booth.
The numbers peaked around 10PM.
Former 8TRAX DJ Talie (USA) stopped by to say hello.
DJ John Campisano (USA) provided the lighting, sound and smoke last night.
Spotted on the dance floor, Blog-favorites CJ and Emily along with the legendary DJ Icey (USA), Jimmy Joslin and DJ Gregory B (USA).
We ran into so many 8TRAX fans!
At 10PM it was time for a regular feature at 8TRAX, “Thriller”.
Presented by Thommy and Scott.
Thursday night Castmember Nights at 8TRAX were always 80’s Nights.
Only one other dancer joined in, lol.
If you’d like to participate in a massive “Thriller” dance event including free lessons, check out that Facebook link above.
The hits just kept on coming! “Car Wash”, “Knock On Wood”, “Ring My Bell” and “Boogie Nights”.
That look you get from great Disco.
“Stayin’ Alive”
“Play That Funky Music”, “Brick House”, “Disco Inferno” and “We Are Family”.
Claudine was getting in to “Dancing Queen”, “Turn The Beat Around” & “Get Down Tonight”!
Midnight meant “YMCA”.
Although not everyone knew how to spell it, lol.
A super-fun night of 8TRAX music! A good time was had by all.