Club Reports: Morse Code, Oliv Bar, WearHaus

You know what occurred to us while walking from our parked car in downtown Winter Park last night? What occurred to us is despite all the tony shops, sidewalk cafes and wine bars in DTWP, there’s basically no nightlife here. Park Avenue was deserted, all the window fronts shuttered, outdoor restaurant tables abandoned. And this was at 10PM! But that changed a bit last November when Morse Code opened.
We walked inside and found the legendary DJ Knightlife (USA) in the booth playing a mix of House & Breaks.
Joined a moment later by Mrs. Knightlife.
NLP in the club! Spotted on the dance floor: DJ Matrix (USA), MC MB (USA) & DJ Supagroover (USA).
Spotted by the bar: Janet & Jim.
Spotted in VIP: Carla
About 11PM, Supagroover would take over the controls.
He would go full-board Breakbeats on us!
Joined here by DJ MX (USA) & DJ Matrix.
Spotted by the booth: DJ Knightlife joined by DJ Chris Hawk (USA).
Spotted by the bar: DJ Rob Freehands Johanson (USA) with DJ Matrix.
The dance floor stayed jammed. There’s no cover charge at Morse Code so come check it out!
We next went to uptown Orlando and this interesting but otherwise nondescript building on North Magnolia.
Only this sign signaled there was a club here. First visit to new venue Oliv Bar.
You’re greeted this large atrium; for a moment we thought we were on another cruise ship!
The trio playing last night included DJ Ed Abisada (USA), DJ Sachin Talikot (IND/USA) & DJ Zack Hill (USA).
Zack Hill was in the booth during our visit.
House music all night long.
He had the crowd bouncing.
Dance floor stayed busy the entire time we were there.
Located aft, they have a full liquor bar with good prices.
Spotted by the entryway: DJ Mighty Shari (USA) with DJ Wilson Santos (USA).
Spotted on the dance floor: DJ Mighty Shari with DJ Ed Abisada.
Spotted by the bar: DJ Mighty Shari (USA) with Alison.
Great vibe here! My understanding is this particular event will be every other Friday night so we’ll be sure to return.
Heading west towards Camping World Stadium, we spotted this derelict warehouse just west of Orange Blossom Trail and heard music coming out of that door. We had to check it out!
The music was booming Techno coming out this door called WearHaus.
Oh gee. We first had to get past Door Hostess Stephanie and she was non-negotiable!
We finally got inside. The booming was being produced by this guy…..
DJ Elias R (USA)
The room was completely dark. We fortunately had brought a good supply of Kodak flashcubes.
The lasers were flying.
Techno deserves to be played in full darkness in a wearhouse.
Spotted by the bar: DJ Carlos Mendoza (USA) with Luis Evans from Shade and a colleague. Shade is Florida’s leading brand of Techno.
You know this place is legit when you spot the shiny disco ball above the dance floor!
Carlos Mendoza taking over at 1AM.
No one was leaving just yet.
We last saw Carlos Mendoza when he performed on the kineticFIELD mainstage at EDC-Orlando last year.
Carlos had the club bouncing.
You can never go wrong with Go Go…..boys?
Dance floor stayed full.
Everywhere we went last night, a good time was had by all.