Club Reports: Pretty Please, Monkey Bar, Iron Cow

Opening night for new club Pretty Please so of course that’s where we needed to be.
Located on Orange Avenue near Taco Bell Cantina and Vystar Credit Union, we walked into this! There are painted murals on one side and a raw brick wall on the other.
If you want to have a successful opening, DJ Chino (USA) needs to be there.
The bar was jammed. We were expecting high prices given the upscale vibe but my Tito’s & Tonic was just $10.
We didn’t notice any real dance floor area but everyone was just kind of bouncing in place.
House music all night long including Latin House and Afro House, just about all of it non-vocal. Add this one to your list when you’re downtown club hopping.
Located upstairs in the Wall Street Plaza complex, our next stop was Monkey Bar.
Here we found resident DJ Dity (USA) in the booth.
House music all night long here too.
DJ Hish (USA) taking over a few minutes later.
There are two bars at Monkey Bar including this inside spot which was absolutely jammed last night.
And this equally jammed outside bar on the balcony which overlooks Wall Street below. If you’re looking for House downtown, Monkey Bar is one of the places!
Next we took the ride out to the Milk District and Iron Cow.
Arriving after midnight, we walked into this!
DJ Noel Sanger (USA) in the booth playing a more Progressive version of House music.
The bar was jammed but the dance floor was not.
Up next, the headliner…..
DJ Blake Jarrell (USA)
He would continue with that Progressive vibe.
Spotted backstage: DJ Seth Vogt (USA) who had opened the show earlier along with Noel Sanger.
Spotted on the dance floor: DJ Gregory B (USA) flanked by Blog-favorites Emily & Peggy.
Dance floor became more active.
And a good time was had by all.