Concert Report: Summer Breaks (The Hammered Lamb)

Located on Orange Avenue but in the Lake Ivanhoe district away from downtown, we were back at The Hammered Lamb last night for the “Summer Breaks” show.
But first we had to get past Door Hostess Michelle who scrutinized our pass and double-checked her list to make sure we were really authorized to be there!
The event began at 9PM and we arrived shortly after that to already find the dance floor occupied.
In the opener slot, DJ J-ROK (USA).
And on this muggy night of summer Breaks, that’s what he was delivering.
The early crowd was getting into his set.
Dance floor activity would slowly build.
NLP was in the house last night! Just like an evening at the old Suite B Lounge, the next set was by DJ Matrix (USA) and DJ Supagroover (USA).
Lots of great memories are brought forward when you see DJ Matrix in the booth!
His set last night was mostly on the non-vocal Breaks side.
MC MB (USA) was here too but unfortunately she did not have a microphone role last night.
Those looks you get from great Breaks.
Dance floor filling-up.
DJ Supagroover’s turn came next.
He set was more on the vocal Breaks side last night.
Ten years ago, Supagroover & Matrix were among the DJ’s spotted in this Blog archives photo taken at Suite B Lounge in 2014.
11PM and there was still room to move about the dance floor. But not for long!
The bar stayed jammed.
And the dance floor soon got that way too!
We ran into so many peeps last night. Many were new but some we knew.
Jennifer was rocking the new “two different shoes” trend we first spotted at Forbidden Kingdom Music Festival last weekend.
Up next around 11:45PM, one of the instigators of last night’s show, DJ Tooltime (USA).
He would continue with the theme of the evening.
Tooltime had the dance floor bouncing.
And here at midnight, the floor had come close to being impassible.
And then a surprise! Not listed on the playbill, Tooltime’s arch-nemesis DJ Losman (USA).
It’s been awhile since we’ve seen Losman on the decks.
We still remember his set from EDC-Orlando back in 2022.
Dance floor at capacity!
The enthusiasm in the club was off-the-chain.
More peeps!
Coming up on the last Saturday of this month, the 8TRAX Reunion/Hammered Disco event right here at The Hammered Lamb. Get your bell bottoms and platforms ready for this night of pure 70’s Disco ft. DJ Jimmy Joslin (USA) plus DJ Doc Wells (USA) from 8TRAX. Open from 7PM to Midnight, later if there’s a crowd. Best of all, admission is FREE!
When you combine DJ Supernaut (USA)…..
…..with DJ Jimi the Genius (USA)…..
… get DJ duo $upergeniu$.
Close to 2AM and no one was leaving just yet!
We had seen Supernaut this past March at “The Get Down” in Miami during Miami Music Week.
Ditto for Jimi the Genius!
This is the 3rd really good Breaks show we’ve attended this month in O-Town as the genre stages a comeback. Such a fun night last night and a good time was had by all.