Club Reports: Proper, Fixtion, Monkey Bar, Aero Bar, Elixir Bar, Vanguard

Following back-to-back cruises with nothing but Top 40 music, we were desperate this weekend for some House music! Friday night we found Industrial, Hip Hop, Breaks and even Caribbean, but no House. Last night we would surely remedy that by beginning our evening at Proper.
At Proper, the über-cool DJ booth is located aft.
Here we found DJ Ionman (USA) playing Disco House off 45’s!
Also aft, the rear bar is jammed with every liquor imaginable.
Another bar up front is not as well stock but covers all the basics.
One of the original rules at Proper was the DJ’s had to play vinyl-only but during our last visit we saw a pair of CDJ’s in the booth and last night the DJ was also playing some music off his laptop. So things are evolving here.
We fondly remember ten years ago when this location was home to club/restaurant The Fifth, home to the “Disco Lunch” where dancing to any one song got you 50% off your lunch tab.
Like Proper, Fixtion has been open about a year now. It’s located where Sideshow used to operate.
It was an early arrival last night but the place was pretty deserted.
Saturday night resident DJ Don Diaz (USA) was in the booth alternating between two House songs and two Hip Hop songs. And then two more House songs and two more Hip Hop songs.
The south wall of the club contains these book shelves. If your spouse texts to ask where you are, you can truthfully tell them you’re at the library.
The north wall is a bit more dramatic. Fixtion will get much busier later in the evening.
One of our downtown favorites for House music is located in Wall Street Plaza and is called Monkey Bar. But it was sadly closed last night. Friday/Saturday night resident DJ Dity (USA) tells OEN the AC broke on Friday so they need to stay closed until it’s fixed. In the vast musical wasteland that is WSP, Monkey Bar an oasis of brightness.
Next stop on last night’s search for House music was Aero Bar.
Located on a rooftop, we walked into this!
Saturday night resident DJ Dominick Morrison (USA) was in the booth playing the good stuff.
The lasers were flying.
As a rooftop venue, you’re literally dancing with the stars.
The music was all House and EDM.
It’s like this up here every Friday and Saturday night!
Because the peeps want House music!
A good time was had by all.
Another great venue for House music is Elixir Bar.
But we walked out onto their famous outdoor dance patio to find this! WTF?
That’s because last night, the DJ booth had been moved to the south end of the patio where we ran into the crowd.
DJ ALMISTIC (CO/USA) was playing House and Latin House.
Dance floor was packed last night!
Famed Miami-based DJ Oscar G (USA) plays here next Saturday night. Advance tickets are just $12.29 including tax, tag & title on Dice.
We had not seen the DJ booth at the south end of the patio since May, 2020 when post-covid, clubs were slowly reopening and Elixir was the first downtown club to do so.
A good time was had by all.
Time for one more stop in our House music quest. The Vanguard.
We walked into this!
DJ Lessaint (CDN) had just ended his set and turned the controls over to the headliner…..
DJ Wakyin (USA)
Was shocked how crowded it was since the show was kind of a last minute replacement show for DJ Dom Dolla (AUS) which had to be postponed to September.
But NYC-based Wakyin is known for bringing House music back to its roots and that’s just what he did.
Packed to the rafters.
The music nearly all non-vocal House.
A good time was had by all.