Club Reports: The Patio, The Beacham, The Corner, Schmankerl Stub’n, Grumpys Underground, Barbarella

After two back-to-back west coast cruise ships with nothing but Top 40 and Hip Hop, it was great to be back in Orlando last night so we could find some House music. We began at The Patio.
He we found Friday/Saturday night resident DJ Parry (USA) in the booth.
But he wasn’t playing House music, he was playing Caribbean! What?
It was only 10PM and the dance floor was already seeing a crowd, but Caribbean? “Bad boys, bad boys, Whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?” Well, no House music here.
So we went next door to The Beacham where every Friday night they host different traveling shows passing through.
Last night they were having some kind of “bubble party”.
The bubbles probably didn’t begin until 11PM so we were too early.
But the music was Hip Hop, not House. So we moved-on with our search!
When Independent Bar/Barbarella vacated their downtown location, it became ill-advised Country bar Wicked Whiskeys for about three months before being rebranded as The Corner.
Here we found Friday night resident DJ Rincon (USA) in the booth.
He was playing some great EDM during our visit but the dance floor at this early hour was still spartan. We got our drink and moved-on.
For those of you who have not visited since Barbarella vacated, it’s more-or-less the same. There is still a seating area beneath the former upstairs DJ booth. Those selfie-signs have been added.
The upstairs overlook and bar are closed.
And the downstairs passageway and bar are also closed.
Over the years DJ Rincon has had residencies at clubs such as The Groove in Universal CityWalk and House of Blues in Downtown Disney West Side.
Since we were in the area, we dropped by Schmankeral Stub’n along Orange Avenue. This is not a club but it used to be. One of our downtown favorites Neon Beach used to be here until it closed last year.
The bar, which used to be more on the center left side, will now be on the far right side.
We understand they’re opening this coming Thursday. Can’t wait to try out a Wiener Schnitzel without having to go all the way up to Sanford or all the way down to EPCOT. Prost!
Decided to check out Grumpys Underground next but a quick look at the sign showed it would be a night of Breaks, not House. Oh well, we were here…..
Team Picture.
We were met by Door Host JROK. He was not as cute as Stephanie over at Iron Cow but “whatcha gonna do?”
Once inside, we found DJ David Venture (USA) in the booth.
There were quite a few people in the club but only these three on the dance floor.
The music of course, mostly Breaks.
Coming on at midnight, DJ Meags (USA).
Dance floor activity picked up.
You can’t go wrong with Breaks.
Over the years she has operated as DJ Meagann Reefer, Meags the DJ, DJ Meags…..
…..and with DJ Amber Jane (USA) as part of DJ duo Snack Pack (USA).
World Famous Shawn Fenn dropping by to say hello.
Spottted earlier by the booth: DJ Meags joined by DJ Rob Cokeless (USA) and DJ JROK (USA).
She had the club bouncing!
One more stop to find some House music! We dropped by Barbarella in their new location off John Young Parkway. Everyone knows they are only open on Saturday nights for 80’s New Wave and Alternative but they are also open on the 2nd Friday night of every month, so who knows!
After 1AM and we walked into THIS!
Friday night Memento Mori resident DJ Lavidicus (USA) was in the perch.
Nope, not House music. Memento Mori means Goth, Industrial, EBM, Synthpop and other dark genres.
It wasn’t what we were hoping for… was better!
Join DJ Lavidicus right here for a special edition of Memento Mori on Sunday, May 26th, Memorial Day weekend.
We’ll continue our search for House music tonight. But last night, everywhere we went, a good time was had by all.