Club Reports: Tequila School, Shots Factory, Las Kawas (Ensenada, Mexico)

By now you know that if we’re traveling we like to share entertainment choices in the various cities or ships we’re on. We’re currently sailing on cruise ship Carnival Radiance and we had a port-of-call in Ensenada, Mexico. Having attended a previous cruise-based Bar Hopping tour in Key West a few years ago, we knew this was a fun option to try yesterday in Ensenada. We met our tour guide Mika on the pier to begin the fun journey.
For just $45, transportation was provided from the dock to three bars via the Fun Bus along with included drinks.
You may have heard of “Beer School” at Busch Gardens and Sea World, but have you ever heard of Tequila School?
Yes, this is a classroom where you’re taught all about the Mexican national drink, Tequila! And it comes with samples too. Tequila comes from the blue agave plant and legally can only come from two states in Mexico.
For our smaller group, we were in a smaller classroom but the idea was all the same.
We each got to drink 6 shots of 6 different tequilas. A few tasted like gasoline but this peach-flavored sample was really smooth and delicious.
The next stop was Shots Factory.
Here we found DJ Jazmin (MEX) in the booth playing Disco, Top 40 and even a little bit of House.
This place has an amazing listing of shots to choose from!
The women on our tour were ordered to consume Blow Jobs.
Hard to go wrong with Blow Jobs.
The men received a shot called Heat. These drinks were literally on fire!
Mine was so hot it melted the straw! Everyone received one shot included in the tour price but could purchase additional choices for around USD 7 (MXP 119) and many did!
Our final stop was at Las Kawas Ensenada.
Here we found DJ Gabriel (MEX) playing Hip Hop hits, some Classic Dance and…..
…..and the requisite Line Dances of Cha Cha Slide, The Wobble and Cupid Shuffle.
A lot of bars are located in the Zona Centro and this was just one of so many choices.
Was a good time had by all? Absolutely YES!