Club Reports: Silent Disco @ Orlando Science Center, Proper, Elixir Bar

Saturday night in the city and we began at the Orlando Science Center. What, where?
Yes, this was the venue for Silent Discos In Awesome Spaces event featuring 3 channels of music!
Taking place in one of their large exhibit rooms, we walked into THIS!
Getting past the bubbles, it looked like this. Packed!
The idea at a silent disco is you wear headphones with 3 different channels of music mixed live by 3 different DJ’s. Whichever channel you’re listening to at the moment, your headphone lights up in a specific color. On the Blue Channel we found DJ Michael Masters (USA).
On the Red Channel, DJ Wasted.willy (USA).
And on the Green Channel, DJ Nela (USA).
As this is a science center, dinosaurs were in the room!
You just need to stay out of their way and they didn’t mess with you.
There were also several bars to quench your thirst.
The place was absolutely jammed!
It’s only when you took off your own headphones that you realized everyone was singing out loud!
Here of course everyone knew you were attending a silent disco. More fun to me is when they do these at places like EPCOT or on a cruise ship where passersby are not part of the event and look over and see all these people dancing and singing and wonder what the heck is going on because they hear no music.
Spotted in the foyer (actually she spotted me): Our favorite Iron Cow Door Hostess Stephanie.
Michael Masters on the Blue Channel was playing 80’s/90’s/00’s Throwbacks.
On the Red Channel, Wasted.willy delivering Top 40, Hip Hop, EMO, Rock, Disco…..a lot of everything!
While Nela on the Green Channel was in charge of Taylor Swift (USA) songs!
It was a crazy good time!
We’re coming up on 1 year since downtown venue Proper opened but there’s still no Proper sign out front. We think that’s kind of improper.
There is this front bar which was jammed last night.
And this rear bar which was jammed with both customers and liquor bottles.
In the perch, DJ Chino (USA).
Proper‘s niche in the local music scene has been that DJ’s play all their music off vinyl. Its been that way since they opened. There are racks full of records provided by the club but the DJ’s bring in their own crates of music too, old-school style.
But curiously, the table now includes two CDJ’s too! What’s up with that? (The Pioneer DJ brand name is being retired. Existing product lines will continue to use that name while new products will carry the new AlphaTheta brand name.)
Spotted in the club: DJ duo Poncho and Lefty (USA). They play House this coming Tuesday night at Elixir Bar.
Spotted by the booth: The lovely Jamie aka Mrs. Chino.
DJ Chino was playing a lot of old Top 40 during our visit last night. I complained lol that it sounded like one of his sets at The Groove in Universal CityWalk where he used to be the Friday night resident DJ.
Speaking of Elixir Bar, that was our next stop.
We arrived to find just a small gathering on their famous outdoor dance patio.
DJ Heatt (USA) was playing a great House mix.
And as it got later we saw increased activity out there on the floor.
And then at midnight, it was time for the headliner…..
DJ Bakke (CO/USA)
By now the dance floor had become packed!
And he had the floor bouncing!
The outside bar was jammed too.
First time seeing him live. What was impressive is a lot of his House selections had old-skool elements to them ranging from 70’s Disco vibes to 90’s Electro robot voices.
Bakke is a resident DJ at Club Space in Miami, Florida’s only club to make the world’s Top 100 list last year by DJMag readers. It was voted #36/100.
We don’t come to Elixir Bar for the halter tops or super low-rise jeans. No, we come strictly for the music.
Group Photo with Sound/Lighting Tech.
Group Photo without Sound/Lighting Tech.
Some of the world’s best DJ’s play here at Elixir Bar. Upcoming April shows include Latmun (GB) on the 7th, the legendary Seth Troxler (USA) on the 14th, Kolter (D) on the 21st, Amal Nemer (YV/USA) on the 27th and Yulia Niko (D/USA) on the 28th. DJ Ahmed Spins (MA) plays tonight. All event tickets are on DICE and then enter Elixir in the search box.
Everywhere we went last night, a good time was had by all.