Club Reports: Swirlery Wine Bar, The Parkview, Morse Code, AVA MM, Grumpys Underground

It was great to be back in Orlando again after spending last weekend in Miami. But instead of the usual, we wanted to visit some new venues as well as some places we rarely visit. We began at Swirlery Wine Bar where DJ’s are known to frequent.
Out on the back patio, a set from DJ Mendchime (USA) had just concluded and coming on next…..
…..the legendary DJ Jason Brown (USA).
Brandy came through with complimentary champagne cocktails. As a beer & wine venue, no Tito’s & Tonic for me!
Had planned to stay just briefly but had no idea there would be so many people (and DJ’s) from the scene here. Who knew?
The music last night during our visit was mostly House and Breaks.
Next we headed to downtown Winter Park (DTWP). First stop The Parkview, located on Park Avenue across from the AMTRAK/SunRail station.
Here we found DJ Smilin’ Dan (USA) on the decks.
Like Swirlery, Parkview is a beer & wine only venue. There’s this beautiful wood bar in the center of the room but no Tito’s & Tonic for me!
A lot of their wines are kept chilled in this separate room near the bar.
The music last night during our visit was all 70’s Funk & Soul. Smilin’ Dan plays the late shift tonight at Barbarella in Orlando.
Just around the corner on Morse Avenue, Morse Code.
Here we found DJ Scot Marc (USA) in the DJ booth by the front window.
As yet another beer & wine only venue, still no Tito’s & Tonic for me! But the bar was pretty busy nonetheless.
Dana was keeping company with the dance floor.
Spotted in VIP: DJ Yuri Gonzalez, DJ Jerry “The Reverend” Johnson and DJ Rob “Freehands” Johanson (all USA).
The music last night during our visit was mostly Deep House.
Back to Park Avenue and upscale restaurant AVA Mediterreaegean. Supposedly there is a secret club in the basement.
AVA MM is a members-only nightclub but thanks to Jerry and Dana, we were able to visit.
When you come into the restaurant, you don’t see this hidden staircase. But go down to find AVA MM. You can’t get more “underground” than this!
The music was great so we had to see if it was pre-recorded or from a live DJ. It was the latter! In the booth, DJ Oteo (USA). First time seeing him since mid-2021 and now we know where he’s been hiding.
As a secret, members-only speakeasy, we were not allowed to take any pictures. So these photos were taken surreptitiously and had to be smeared to maintain confidentiality. There’s this large bar at one end. I was FINALLY able to get a Tito’s & Tonic.
Quite a bit of seating.
Oteo had the club bouncing. People were dancing pretty much anywhere they could.
The music last night during our visit was mostly Top 40 and EDM.
One final stop was Grumpys Underground where we heard that a few DJ’s would be playing.
But the DJ sets had ended for the night and a bassist and vocalist were there.
Spotted in VIP: More DJ’s than you can shake a stick at!
One person did not get the memo. Everywhere we went last night, a good time was had by all.