Concert Report: DJ Bunt (Wall Street Plaza)

This is the entrance to Wall Street Plaza in downtown Orlando. Ever since the ownership group from Gilt Concert Venue took over most of the south side of the street, we’ve been seeing big-name DJ concerts taking place on the street such as Green Velvet (USA), Borgore (IL), Two Friends (USA) and more!
We complained after the last concert here that the VIP area was split in half with General Admission and thus there was no real benefit in purchasing the more-expensive tickets. Last night that was rectified with the VIP area getting the entire stage while GA could stand behind VIP or along the “périphérique”.
The concert began a few minutes before 8PM with a DJ duo made up of Don Diaz (USA) and Shane Anthony (USA).
Of course we know Don Diaz from his residency at nearby Fixtion nightclub.
Vocal House remixes of prior 70’s, 80’s & 90’s classics are big right now and their set included a lot of them including songs like Haddaway (TT/D) “What Is Love”, Backstreet Boys (USA) “Everybody” and Britney Spears (USA) “Baby One More Time”.
They were pretty animated their entire set and they were clearly having a good time.
As was the crowd on the dance floor.
Around 9:10PM, DJ Jo-G (USA) took over.
Have never seen him before and he didn’t move around much, occasionally waving an arm. His set had some vocal House and some non-vocal songs too.
There was a crowd at the barrier but…..
…..plenty of room remained at this still-early hour.
There were some occasional moments of excitement at the drops.
After 10PM it started to get jammed.
And then closer to 10:30PM, there he was, the headliner, DJ Bunt (D).
He thanked everyone for coming to buy tickets to see him. We were expecting his specialty Folk House where some of his songs told stories but no, it was better as he delivered an EDM set!
Bunt is based in Stuttgart.
Packed to the rafters!
Huge roar from the crowd for EDM hits like John Summit (USA) “I Think I’m Losing Control” and Calvin Harris (GB) “Blame”.
Wall Street Plaza was packed from the stage to beyond The Other Bar.
WSP goes Tech House on March 30th as Biscits (GB) will be playing and you can get advance tickets here. It was a good show, exceeded expectations and a good time was had by all.