Concert Report: AAHZ Reunion 2023

Gobble Gobble everyone! Happy Thanksgiving weekend. Of course that weekend also means it’s time for the AAHZ Reunion which took place last night at The Beacham.
We only get one night off per year and this is usually the one. Nonetheless, the urge to take pictures is overwhelming so we took just a few. Sorry for the phone camera quality. The show opened with DJ Andy Hughes (USA). He began with more of a chill House vibe before picking up the pace and giving us more of the AAHZ sound.
AAHZ original DJ Dave Cannalte (USA) was next with one AAHZ-banger after another! It was a wonderful set of dance music.
Dance floor was getting jammed.
We heard a rumor that this might be the last AAHZ Reunion for awhile but instead look out for one or more smaller events during the coming year.
Fresh off his brilliant set at EDC-Orlando, DJ Icey (USA) duplicated that feat once again by giving the people what they came for. It was like a night listening to former radio station WPYO 95.3Party with songs like “Missing”, “Ecstasy”, “The One”, “Everyday” and more.
To make the night even more perfect, Club Dancer Kriss Reign (USA) was on the stage for Icey!
The instigator of AAHZ, DJ Kimball Collins (USA) came on around midnight with more AAHZ beats.
The dance floor got jammed but not as many as some previous shows where it was impossible to move.
Around 1AM, Dynamix II (USA) closed out the show with mostly Electro ft. Scott Walker and Dave Noller.
A good time was had by all.