Club Reports: Elixir Bar, The Patio, Aero Bar, Henao Contemporary Center

With a Saturday evening deluge hitting Orlando earlier, we were skeptical that anyone would go out last night. We couldn’t have been more wrong. We began on the famous outdoor dance patio at Elixir Bar.
Under a rain canopy, we arrived to find DJ Almistic (USA) going back-and-forth with DJ Borsico (USA).
The canopy was removed as their House and Latin House sets continued.
The crowd was growing.
Spotted in VIP: Shelly with friends.
And then a few minutes after midnight, there he was, the headliner…..
DJ Bontan (GB)
He continued early with the mostly Latin House vibes of his predecessors.
Dance floor was absolutely jammed!
Upcoming acts playing here include Natalia Roth (USA) on July 16th, Max Styler (USA) on July 29th and Kyle Watson (ZA) on August 6th. There are many more too and you can see the entire list and order advance tickets here.
You know, it’s one thing to claim there “might be a party” or that there’s “sometimes a party”. But when a club claims there’s “Always A Party” as The Patio does, someone needs to hold them accountable. And with that thunderstorm earlier in the evening, this would be a good night to put their boast to the test!
But we walked into THIS!
Resident DJ Parry (USA) was in the booth delivering the goods.
The music a mix of classic Top 40 and classic Hip Hop hits.
He even played a special double-length version of “The Wobble” just for us!
Bubble music!
Well damn, there really IS always a party at The Patio.
Upstairs above The Patio is Aero Bar and we had heard they were having a special guest DJ.
So much yes! DJ Nela (USA) was in the booth delivering House music.
It was absolutely jammed up here too!
Because the peeps want House music.
We had last seen Nela play about a year ago at the “Girls In Wonderland” party at Elixir.
Last night she played an amazing set that had the entire dance floor bouncing.
The lasers were flying.
As a rooftop venue, at Aero you’re literally “dancing with the stars”.
The vibe was amazing but we sadly had to be moving on.
To the Henao Contemporary Center located on Edgewater Drive in north suburban Lockhart.
Where we walked into THIS! The room was dark, the fog was thick and the Techno was booming!
The Techno delivered by DJ Henry Brooks (USA).
Henry Brooks is based in the birthplace of Techno, Detroit.
Not only was it loud, the BPM’s were cranked-up as well.
The dance floor was packed, even if you couldn’t see it! And the vibe here too was as thick as the fog.
Spotted in the foyer: DJ Carlos Mendoza (USA) with Door Hostess Corinn.
Spotted on the dance floor: DJ Jennifer Marley (USA)
DJ Brennen Grey (USA) who played on the NeonGARDEN stage at EDC-Orlando last year will be playing more Techno here at Henao on July 22nd. You can grab advance tickets here. Thank you to Justin Zeger, Parry Eugene, Dominick Morrison and Carlos Mendoza for the professional courtesies. Everywhere we went last night, a good time was had by all.