Club Reports: Fredster’s, Permanent Vacation, Celine Rooftop

We began our Friday evening checking out the nightlife scene in north suburban Maitland. Wait a second, there’s a nightlife scene in Maitland? Well first there is Fredster’s, the venue located along Keller Road in what was previously The Silly Grape.
The space was heavily renovated post-Silly Grape and a large stage was constructed at the south end of the rather large room.
The cover band Unlimited Devotion (USA) was on that stage last night. They’re a Grateful Dead (USA) cover band so that’s what they were playing.
We were expecting a larger crowd to be here but it was hardly empty either.
Lots of lengthy guitar jams with vocals from this crooner.
I’m no “Deadhead” so I did not recognize a single song they played during our hour visit. Out in the parking lot, did not see a single “Deadhead sticker on a Cadillac” either.
Last year a reviewer from Orlando Weekly stated about Fredster’s, “Retirees pack the dance floor to test out their new hips.” We think that’s rather harsh but the place is busier right after Social Security checks go out! While the crowd does skew older, there were quite a few 30 and 40-somethings in the mix last night too. There are live bands on weekends so come check out Fredster’s.
We finally snagged a hard-to-get reservation for another Maitland venue, Permanent Vacation.
After locating the entrance and passing through a small foyer, this is what you’re greeted with!
The South Pacific & African themed venue is a cross between Disney venues Adventurers Club, Jungle Cruise, Trader Sam’s, Enchanted Tiki Room and Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar.
You’re given a place mat with the imaginative drink menu along with a tiny flashlight to help better read it in the dimly lit room.
This was my chosen concoction. Ordering certain drinks results in a light and sound show taking place within the venue!
We’re not going to post too much of the decor because you need to come check it out for yourself.
Spotted at the bar: Christa & Traci
Even your final bill is delivered in an imaginative way. Entry into Permanent Vacation is located within Copper Rocket Pub and advance reservations are a must which you can make here.
Final stop of the evening was in downtown Orlando, on the rooftop at Celine Nightclub.
To get there we had to pass through the downstairs which was packed for a DJ playing Hip Hop.
We arrived to find DJ Justin Savoie (USA) tag-teaming with DJ Drect (USA). Justin is part of DJ duo Yokai (USA) which we had just seen play last month at Sunset Music Festival in Tampa.
They had the dance floor bouncing.
The music a mix of House and EDM.
And after a few hours of 70’s Rock and Tiki music, this was just what the doctor ordered!
As 2AM approached, it got crowded up there!
Everywhere we went last night, a good time was had by all.