Concert Report: DJ Roger Sanchez (Celine Nightclub)

It had been about 6 months since we last visited Celine Nightclub to see DJ Anfisa Letyago (RUS/I) so it was great to be back.
Walking into the main room, the sign indicated that DJ Daniel Isea (YV/USA) was playing but it was too dark to actually see him up there.
So we got a little closer so the flash could catch him.
Opening the show with a mostly House set.
Upstairs on the roof top, an opening set from DJ Maldo (USA).
While the main room was dedicated to House, the rooftop was dedicated to Techno.
As is often the case at Celine, most everyone migrates up here at the beginning of the night.
As a rooftop venue, you’re dancing with the stars……and the condos!
Back inside downstairs, DJ Elias R (USA) had taken over.
We’re used to seeing Elias R play some serious House but last night it was a “fun” House set at times bordering on but not quite crossing over into EDM.
We heard some Latin House mixed in there too!
We’ve seen Elias R at many events over the years but a definite highlight for us was when he played at Electric Daisy Carnival – Orlando back in 2021. EDC returns to Tinker Field on November 10-12 and you can reserve your pass with just a $10 deposit here.
The downstairs dance floor was beginning to get a bit more populated.
But still plenty of room for those upstairs.
I think these floaty things above the main bar are new additions since our last visit.
Back on the roof, DJ Prospvct (USA) had taken over.
First time seeing him play.
It was actually pretty jammed up here!
And his set drove some of the crowd into a frenzy!
DJ Ginza (USA) was up next and continuing with Techno.
We had last seen Ginza at “Sundown Sundays” at The Patio a couple years ago.
It was great to see so many friends last night.
Product placement is an important part of successful marketing.
Closing out upstairs, a Techno set from DJ Diana Montoya (USA).
Although I’m petty sure I heard some Psytrance in there too!
The rooftop remained a popular destination for many.
Although as 12:30AM approached, many began to make the trek downstairs.
And the main room dance floor got more crowded.
And then, there he was!
The headliner, DJ Roger Sanchez (USA).
He would continue the House vibe of the room including a majority of songs with vocals.
We’ve seen Roger Sanchez play Orlando a number of times over the years but the very first time we saw him live was actually in 2012 at Enclave in Chicago as pictured here.
Dance floor got packed!
He had the dance floor bouncing.
The lasers were flying!
Played a lot of recognizable music that kept the crowd engaged. He closed the show just before 2:30AM with Daft Punk (F) hit “One More Time”.
In both rooms of music last night, a good time was had by all.