Club Reports: Off The Grid Music Festival, Taco Kat, Barbarella

We began our Saturday evening at the “Off The Grid Music Festival” at Lot 54 at The Vangurd.
Brought to us by Insomniac, this takes place in the parking lot behind club The Vanguard. There was one large stage and there was already a crowd when we arrived around 6:30PM.
He played for close to 2 hours and we’re told this was DJ Max Styler (USA).
The graphics surrounding the stage never listed DJ names and we never saw a list of set times.
It was a mostly-House set with an increasing amount of vocals as his set progressed.
Spotted working Ground Control: Meags the DJ (USA) with colleague.
Doc Marten’s for the win!
You can never go wrong with Go Go girls.
Residents of the adjoining apartment building could listen for free. Whether they wanted to or not.
The drops got the crowd excited.
Day turned into night around 8PM.
It began to get really crowded.
The next DJ (also unknown) came on and headliner DJ John Summit (USA) came up to wave.
There were a couple retail vendors including one in this bus.
And of course plenty of drink options.
We weren’t sticking around another 3 hours to hear John Summit though. Outside, the queue to get inside stretched to Orange Avenue and beyond.
We had checked out new club Proper on Friday night and last night it was time to check out another new venue. It’s a little confusing though because one sign outside says Taco Kat.
While another says Sonora Tacos.
While staff tee shirts read “Cool Kats Club“.
Heavy security outside for a taco joint!
Once inside, there is an actual Mexican quick service restaurant on one side while the Door Hostess greets you on the other side.. She pulls this soft drink machine away from the wall which reveals……
…..a tunnel into this hidden club!
It’s apparently no secret because the place was jammed!
We found DJ Rincon (USA) in the booth playing a mix of EDM, House and early XM Satellite Radio BPM dance hits. It was awesome!
Of course we know DJ Rincon from his prior residencies at House of Blues in Downtown Disney and The Groove in Universal CityWalk.
Taco Kat has a full liquor bar.
And bathrooms that fit the theme!
It’s been nearly a year since Barbarella migrated from downtown Orlando to this suburban warehouse space off John Young Parkway. In conjunction with that, OEN‘s naming convention switches from calling this Barbarella 2.0 to just Barbarella.
Resident DJ Indie John (USA) was in the booth when we arrived.
The music early-to-mid 80’s New Wave and Alternative.
Because everyone loves the 80’s!
Music videos are played along one wall, similar to when they were downtown.
Everywhere we went last night, a good time was had by all.