Club Reports: CigarFest, Proper, Iron Cow

After last week’s journey to the Middle East, it was great to be back in Orlando. We began our Friday night at the Grand Bohemian Hotel, a Marriott Autograph Collection hotel downtown.
And out to their pool deck where CigarFest was already in progress upon our arrival.
DJ Andre Mack (USA) was on the decks during our visit.
The music was 80’s Funk & 90’s Classics.
They have a large outdoor bar up here and it was jammed.
First time meeting Andre Mack.
Great vibe but unfortunately this won’t be a weekly event.
Last night was opening night for new club Proper. They don’t have a sign yet so we had to make due with logo on the back of a bar staff tee-shirt.
Right at the entrance, the front bar greets visitors.
While this much-larger back bar can be found aft.
The music delivered by DJ Blacksuede66 (USA).
Proper‘s niche is DJ-delivered music all off vinyl.
There’s a large selection of albums behind the booth but of course the DJ can bring his/her own.
The music last night bounced back-and-forth between House and 70’s Disco. It was really good!
Talk about top shelf liquor!
The waitress staff wore pleather miniskirts, pleather pants or pleather short shorts. The common denominator was: pleather.
For our younger readers, those round things are called “records”.
Proper is upscale but not expensive. My Tito’s & Tonic was $10 and then they add a mandatory 5% service charge and 17% gratuity to that. Total was $12.85. Not too bad. Different DJ’s on different nights. Come check it out!
We try to spread-out our business but when one venue has great DJ’s week-after-week, you have to keep visiting! So here we were back at Iron Cow…..again!
But first we had to get past Door Hostess Stephanie.
And then we walked into this!
DJ AK1200 (USA) was in the booth when we arrived.
The music extremely fast-paced Drum & Bass.
He had the dance floor in a frenzy!
Club Promoter Jeff Kenney has labeled AK1200 “The G.O.A.T.” of DnB: “Greatest of All Time”.
With DnB, sometimes you need some direction and last night that narrative was provided by MC Collaborator (USA).
Spotted in the booth: MC Collaborator, AK1200 and DJ Circle K (USA) who had played earlier.
We ran into so many people we know!
Spotted in VIP: DJ Tooltime (USA) with the aforementioned Jeff Kenney.
Oh wow, this picture reminds me. DO NOT make any plans for Sunday, September 3rd; the Sunday night of Labor Day weekend. Keep that date open! If you live out-of-state, book your air to Orlando like right now.
And then around 12:30AM, there he was…..
The DnB legend…..
DJ LTJ Bukem (GB)
The dance floor frenzy continued!
We last saw LTJ Bukem play Orlando in May, 2021 at Ace Cafe. LINK
Iron Cow was as crowded last night as we’ve ever witnessed it.
High Top sneakers for the win!
The 90’s are back!
DJ Miguel Migs (USA) plays House here at the Cow on June 2nd, another do-not-miss event. You can get advance tickets here.
What a night! A good time was had by all.