Club Reports: TARAKA Block Party @ Elixir, Barbarella

By now you know that Elixir Bar is home to great DJ acts every Friday, Saturday & Sunday night, usually outside on their famous patio. Well last night the patio was dismantled, the fences removed and the music was moved over to the adjacent parking lots!
Titled the TARAKA street party, the music festival-style entrance was located along Washington Street.
And a large stage faced north at the far end of the parking lot where a crowd had already gathered upon our arrival around 10PM.
For anyone gathered in the crowd facing the stage, annoying lights behind that stage created glare and a silhouette effect where you really couldn’t see much more than an outline of the DJ.
Moving closer, the effect of those lights was less-pronounced and we could see that the headliner was already playing!
He was doing a 3-hour extended set!
His first hour or so was mostly House while he switched it over to mostly Techno after that (although we did hear some Latin House mixed in at times). He was really animated, waving at the audience to cheer. And he loved to pause songs just as the drop was ready to drop and then let it loose after what seemed like an eternity, lol.
GORDO began using that name around 2020 and retired his prior DJ name Carnage which he had previously operated under. As Carnage, he played mostly Trap and Heavy Bass but not anymore.
It was crowded but not as crowded as some of the prior block parties we’ve seen here outside Elixir.
Lots of CO2 sprays filled the air!
We previously saw him playing mostly Trap as Carnage at EDC-Orlando in 2015.
He would play last night until midnight. We really enjoyed it.
Festival pricing was in effect but really not bad compared to regular pricing.
A good time was had by all.
On the way home, a quick stop at Clearone Badminton off John Young Parkway where every Saturday night it becomes home to the amazing dance club Barbarella.
And just as it should be on a Saturday night, resident DJ Indie John (USA) was in the perch.
The Saturday night music format is 80’s New Wave and Alternative. Next month will be a full year since Barbarella relocated from downtown Orlando to out here in the boonies.
But if you’re looking for that underground warehouse-style party, this is it! And yes indeed, a good time was had by all.