Concert Report: Planet Rock (The Vanguard)

Imagine as you will, The Vanguard in its prior life.
Have a couple drinks or shots and through the haze of time recall when the dominating sound on area dance floors were Breaks and this room was called Firestone!
A little before 10PM, we walked into a small contingent already on the dance floor.
An impressive Breaks set from DJ FactorE (USA).
His set included a number of Classic Dance songs.
Breakers gonna break.
Dance floor spots slowly filling.
After his set, DJ FactorE spotted here with DJ Dee Dee Slay (USA).
Take DJ Dave Gluskin (USA)…..
Add DJ Rob E (USA).
And you get DJ duo Audiotrap (USA).
Audiotrap opened with a great Breaks remix of John Summit (USA) hit “Human”.
It is so hard to get pictures in The Vanguard because they keep it so dark and foggy.
This was the second “Planet Rock” concert at The Vanguard with the previous edition in January starring DJ Icey (USA) and DJ Baby Anne (USA). It shows Insomniac‘s commitment to the Breaks scene coming back to these hallowed grounds.
We ran into so many friends from the Orlando Breaks scene.
Lanie says, “Dancing on my own, cuz I can.”
Spotted in VIP: Left and right are Storm and Johnny Dangerously aka The Brothers of Funk (USA), flanking in the center Analog Hustlers (USA).
Midnight arrived so quickly and it was time for a shift change.
Playing a tag team set, DJ Craze (USA) and DJ A-Trak (CDN).
Not really sure what to expect but was actually expecting a DnB set but they kept the evening’s theme going with Breaks!
If you want Breaks events to continue at The Vanguard, you gotta support.
Last night, they WERE supporting! Wow!
Craze and A-Trak have played together previously but this was our first time seeing them.
They were having so much fun going back and forth!
We last saw Craze just this past Friday afternoon at Okeechobee Music Festival.
And we last saw A-Trak back in 2017 at Gilt Concert Venue.
DJ AK1200 (USA) would close out the show with a DnB set which we unfortunately missed out on. But from down on the dance floor…..
… up in VIP, a good time was had by all. Impressive show!