Concert Report: Bonobo (The Plaza Live)

Friday night was dedicated to just one show; Bonobo at The Plaza Live. Advertised as an 8PM start, we arrived around 8:30PM to find the parking lot jammed and most everyone already inside.
After grabbing a drink, we walked into the main room to find the opener playing to a packed room.
Hard to see him in the dark; DJ Durante (USA). His set had a lot of Downtempo in it but he also went into one song that was very vocal-Trancy and another that had Sandra Collins (USA)-like Progressive House qualities to it.
He was closing with a House remix of Fleetwood Mac (GB) song “Thunder” when at 9:30PM, there was the headliner!
Bonobo (GB/USA)
First time seeing him since he played this very room in October, 2014.
His arrival brought happy cheers from the crowd which was a mix of younger to middle-aged.
His mostly Downtempo/Ambient/Electronica DJ set made the crowd happy.
The mood was definitely upbeat in this packed room.
Every few songs cheers went up from the crowd as they recognized what was being played.
My recollection was that last time we saw him he went more on the House side than he did last night but he definitely delivered what he is known for.
A good time was had by some…..
A good time was had by all.