Breaks Returning To Firestone!

Ever since The Vanguard reopened in the former Venue 578 / Firestone building, the Insomniac-programmed venue has featured House, Techno, Trance and Heavy Bass but not the music that made that structure famous: Breaks. That’s about to change! On Saturday, January 7th, the building returns to its roots with a Breakbeat show that would be hard to beat! DJ Icey (USA) & DJ Baby Anne (USA) doing a back-to-back set, joined that night by legends Stylus (USA) , Monk (USA) and fresh from EDC-Orlando, DJ duo Audiotrap (USA) which is made up of DJ Rob E (USA) & DJ Dave Gluskin (USA). Yes, this is the event we hinted about in our last article! And tickets are just $9.99 +tax/fees here. Orlando, let’s show Insomniac what Florida Breaks are all about!