Club Reports: Remix Records South, Thrill The World @ Celebration Gardens, Elixir Bar, Grumpys Underground, Barbarella 2.0

We began our Saturday night of Halloween weekend at the brand new Remix Records South.
Located at 1222 Woodward Street behind the CVS store, it’s so new that there isn’t even a sign yet.
We walked in to find this cozy seating area with a DJ booth to the rear.
And a greeting from proprietors DJ Cliff T (USA) and Kelley T.
In the booth, DJ Jerry “The Reverend” Johnson (USA) playing House. He tells OEN to be on the lookout for a new weekly podcast called the “Reverend’s Remix” coming soon and recorded right here at this store!
The original Remix Records at 1213 N Mills Avenue remains but this new store is where you’ll find all their electronic music vinyl. The genre is so huge again that it deserves its own store! They will eventually have professional DJ supplies here and look for a regular lineup of DJ’s playing live at the store too.
Listening stations are set-up along one wall so you can check-out albums before you purchase. Come check this place out!
Celebration Gardens is an outdoor event center located in Winter Park.
Last night it was home to “Thrill The World”, the Michael Jackson (USA) themed mega dance.
With music delivered by DJ Scott (USA).
With former 8TRAX door host Thommy dressed in his MJ finest!
Promptly at 6PM, the event began as “Thriller” played from the speakers.
And as the song began, a stirring from the participants.
This group had practiced for weeks!
We only had a dozen participants but this was the first year doing the event and they hope to grow it.
It was amazing to watch!
Nearly 24 hours later, I still can’t get the song out of my head!
Next stop, downtown Orlando and Elixir Bar.
The opening House set from DJ Pantoja (USA).
Since we were here at the opening, not surprising to find the dance floor still deserted.
But eventually a group did arrive!
The bar was considerably busier, even early.
Heading back to my car, we passed by long lines to get into Wall St. Plaza. Here on Church Street, another long line to get into Chillers and High Tide.
Spotted in the queue: Blog-favorite Juliet and Carlos.
Next stop, Grumpys Underground.
A night dedicated to the late Steff Deschamps aka DJ Funkbaby (USA).
We arrived to find a tag team set in progress between DJ Gamma (USA) and…..
…..DJ JROK (USA). Breaks, of course!
The dance floor was seeing activity.
With lots of costumes in the club!
Spotted on the floor: Scott & Scott aka DJ Solstice (USA) and DJ Spark-D (USA).
Spotted in VIP: DJ Rosk (USA) with Concert Promoter Leona Gold.
Spotted on the dance floor: DJ Slay (USA) dancing with hound.
Spotted by the bar: DJ Slay with DJ Zack Lee (USA).
Spotted in the corner: DJ Frequie-G (USA)
Spotted at the bar: MC Collaborator (USA) flanked by Kim and Stephanie.
Shift change! Another tag team set between DJ Phin (USA) …..
And DJ Jennifer Marley (USA). They both went House on us!
Spotted on the dance floor: Kim and DJ Darkside (USA).
The DJ’s had the club bouncing!
A good time was had by all.
The sign on the building says Clearone Badminton but every Saturday night it becomes home to Orlando’s greatest weekly warehouse party best known as Barbarella 2.0.
We found DJ Rob Bates (USA) in the booth this Saturday evening.
And the place was absolutely packed!
The dance floor stayed jammed.
The music format is 80’s New Wave and Alternative.
The line at the bar stayed busy.
Spotted on the dance floor: Blog-favorites Emily (second from left) and CJ (far right) joined by friends.
There were many awesome Halloween costumes in the club.
Spotted in VIP.
Spotted in the drink line: Mari having a “come to Jesus” moment.
This is why I get paid the big bucks to take photos.
Spotted on the dance floor.
Civilian clothes were allowed too.
Spotted in VIP: Fellow Pleasure Islanders Jeff & Karen.
It’s like this every Saturday night so come check it out!
A good time was had by all.