Club Reports: Iron Cow, Memento Mori @ Barbarella 2.0, Monkey Bar, Celine

Located in Orlando’s “Milk District”, we typically visit Iron Cow towards the end of the evening but last night it was first on our list.
They had a cool booth set up beneath the stage for the Halloween weekend.
And in it we found DJ Jane.Doe (USA) playing House music.
And even though it was still early, there was already quite a crowd in the club!
The night was dedicated to the late DJ Funkbaby (USA) who passed away last weekend and was on the list to play last night.
Shift change to DJ Wednesday Addams aka Lola B (USA).
Dance floor got populated for her House mix.
Everyone was playing half-hour sets and it wasn’t long before DJ Jeff Kash (USA) took over.
Many amazing costumes in the club.
Spotted on the dance floor: Lori aka Urban Dove with DJ Lola B.
Fun times and it was still early!
Barbarella 2.0 is only open on Saturday nights but they offer the more-gothy “Memento Mori” the second Friday night of every month and a special Halloween edition last night.
We found “Memento Mori” resident DJ Lavidicus (USA) in the booth upon arrival.
The music a mix of Dark Wave, Industrial, Goth, Synthpop and what I would call Power Noise.
And Lighting Tech Ernie had the lasers flying. Barbarella is open again tonight for their Saturday night format of 80’s New Wave and Alternative ft. DJ Indie John (USA) and DJ Kimball Collins (USA).
Our destination downtown was Celine Nightclub but when walking from the parking lot towards it, the unmistakable thumping of House music from Monkey Bar could be heard a block away!
The responsible parties were DJ Dity (USA) and DJ Dayzwithout (USA).
Small contingent on the dance floor.
With more on their outdoor balcony.
Spotted doing the Shuffle: Amelia. Great House music every Friday & Saturday night at Monkey Bar.
OK, finally made it to Celine.
Arrived to a packed club and the headliner just coming on.
DJ Anfisa Letyago (RUS/I)
Dance floor absolutely jammed!
Anfisa had this Techno crowd bouncing!
Spotted among the masses: Dina (far right) with her entourage.
Originally from Russia, she has lived in Italy since her childhood.
Her set was hard booming Techno right from the start!
A good time was had by all.