Club Reports: Neon Beach, The Vanguard, Barbarella 2.0, Neon Beach (Again)

To emphasize their food options, Neon Beach is now called P.B.C. & T. but they’ve added a hanging Neon Beach Bar sign below the main sign. Whatever you call it, it was banging last night!
We spotted Hostess with the mostess Maddie scanning tickets at the entrance.
In the booth on the far right DJ Losman (USA) was spinning Breaks, joined by Sandi Kathleen and DJ Tooltime (USA).
Lot of good stuff in his set including numerous Classic Dance hits!
Dance floor was crowded…..and growing.
With some room made for Break dancing.
DeeJay Shaolin (USA) up next at 11PM.
His beats had the club bouncing.
We saw lots of familiar faces in the club!
Also a bunch of DJ’s supporting including DJ Derek Fereal (USA) spotted here with Kristin.
DJ Swagkerr (USA) front view.
And celebrating his new Daddy status, DJ Swagkerr rear view!
DJ Sandra Cruz (USA) with SE Ocala.
Spotted in VIP: Miami’s DJ Robotic (USA) with Sandra celebrating birthday 24. Or was it 42, I forget.
Dynamic Duo: DJ Dee Dee Slay (USA) & DJ Zack Lee (USA)
Dance floor got really jammed!
Neon Beach and their Florida lifestyle theming.
We should have gone to The Vanguard much earlier but it was so hard to get away from Neon Beach.
Arriving late for a sold out show is never a good idea and we walked into THIS!
Opener DJ Mashbit (F/USA) was still on playing Melodic Bass.
And then the lights dimmed and the Tech began switching-out equipment. OMG, would headliner Illenium (USA) be coming on early at midnight?
Sadly no, it was just DJ Lucas Larvenz (USA) which meant the headliner would not come on until 1AM at the soonest.
The headbangers were happy but no way could we stand for another hour listening to Heavy Bass. Needed to escape!
To that place where those in the know are aware that on Saturday nights there’s more to Clearone Sports Centre than just Pickleball, Badminton and Ping Pong. Yes, on Saturday nights Clearone becomes Barbarella 2.0.
We found DJ Smilin’ Dan (USA) in the booth.
Playing that treasured Saturday night format of 80’s New Wave and Alternative.
Dance floor was still busy but we were told that an hour earlier it had been packed.
Because everybody loves the 80’s!
Spotted on the dance floor: Brian with birthday girl Yochi.
Spotted in the booth: Blog-favorite CJ with Emily.
OK, it was late but still enough time to see the headliner back at Neon Beach.
Where we had spotted him at the bar earlier!
DJ Mark Vee (USA)
Pumping out the Breaks & Bass.
Big vibe in the club.
“Fluorescent Saturdays” is a new once-per-month event at Neon Beach featuring different guest DJ’s each session. The peeps want Breaks!
Everywhere we went last night, a good time was had by all.