Club Reports: CityWalk Update

Last month we reported on a change at Universal CityWalk where midnight closures were introduced at all of their remaining night clubs. That remains true but a lot of patrons are arriving to the complex apparently not aware of the early closing time. The prior reason given for the early closings was management wanted the clubs to operate more like restaurants rather than clubs but the new reason given by CityWalk Team Members is that the cuts were made due to staffing. We have this report shared with permission by Theme Park Shark.
At Rising Star, Theme Park Shark reported the venue being slammed.
At Bob Marley’s, another packed and huge crowd!
At Pat O’Briens, they reported the main bar was dead but the dueling piano bar was packing in a crowd.
And of course we know CityWalk‘s main dance club The Groove is being demolished while their secondary dance club Red Coconut Club, pictured above, remains closed and perhaps just open for private events. Theme Park Shark reports “Plenty of guests pouring in, not realizing the new 12am closing time.” There is speculation amongst staff that once summer is over, club hours will return to 2AM but that remains to be seen. Will they really want to be closed while all those crowds are flowing out of the upcoming Halloween Horror Nights? Hmmm. Big thanks to Theme Park Shark for sharing their content with us!!