Concert Report: Summer Skool (Ace Cafe)

OMG, we got skooled last night at Future Sound of Breaks “Summer Skool”.
Taking place at the home of so many great DJ events these past few years, Ace Cafe.
The festivities began at 6PM where we found DJ Bobby Buzz (USA) in the booth.
Of course last night was all about Breaks so no surprise there.
And it’s always special when this south Florida DJ plays O-town.
What was even more special was the growing queue to get inside at just 6:30PM.
And a dance floor that was already seeing activity at this early hour!
DJ Davie-D (USA) up next.
Great set that included a number of songs we recognized from back in the day.
And it was only 7PM yet the dance floor was already getting occupied.
illDJChrisB (USA) was in the house supporting!
Time was moving quickly! Up next, Chris Hand is…..
DJ Knightlife (USA)
Doing a Knightlife Records classics set of vocal and nonvocal songs.
Ending with a Breaks remix of some Tritonal (USA).
While Mrs. Knightlife cheered him on!
The first five DJ’s all operated with 45-minute sets. Some will argue that doesn’t give enough time for a DJ to evolve a story and create a mood. That may be true but it sure kept the pace moving, especially early in the program, and it allowed “Summer Skool” to include lot of great talent!
DJ Eric Berretta (USA) up next.
Another legend of Orlando’s 90’s dance scene!
And just like that, he had the dance floor jammed.
This guy was wearing some official “Summer Skool” gear.
Selling briskly from the official “Summer Skool” logo store.
Breakbeats begets break dancers!
There was no shortage of them last night!
We ran into so many peeps we know at last night’s show!
Vans for the win!
We met people from California, Illinois, South Carolina, Georgia and all over Florida, plus Cazzy the Alien from outer space!
It was soon 9PM and time for DJ Dave London (GB/USA).
Continuing with the Breaks vibe of the night!
Dance floor still had a few open spots remaining.
But not many.
While VIP upstairs was really filling-in!
Bossman and Mr. FSOB himself, Glyn S. Morgan announcing the next act…..
Famed DJ duo Rob E & Security (USA).
Starring DJ Rob E.
And DJ Security.
They had the dance floor cheering and moving with Classic Dance hits like “Sweet Harmony“, “Point of View” and my favorite “Everyday“.
Dance floor packed for their set.
We last saw Rob E & Security perform together at EDC-Orlando in 2019 on the Art Car Stage. Tickets for the 2022 edition of EDC, taking place on November 11-13, are available here.
Sadly, we learned that last night’s performance might be their last one together since both have moved on to other projects. But wow it was good!
DJ Stylus (USA) up next.
Many DJ’s delivered sets based on former Orlando clubs or club nights and Stylus give us an Abyss set.
He had the dance floor packed!
He had everybody bouncing!
That look you get from great music!
After his set, Stylus posing…..
Sylus family photo, plus Shawn Fenn.
Shawn Fenn with DJ Security.
More peeps!
Spotted on the mezzanine: DJ Nelly Fre$h (USA) flanked by DJ Magic Mike (USA) and Victor. The talk of the club last night besides the current event was about who was attending Magic Mike’s surprise show on Labor Day weekend at House of Blues in Disney Springs. Nearly everyone told me they were going! That event, which also headlines DJ Icey (USA), is likely to be a sellout so get your tickets now right here and don’t get left outside wishing you were inside!
Nothing says 90’s retro like Adidas!
Photobomb from DJ Dave Gluskin (USA).
DJ Johnny Dangerously of The Brothers of Funk (USA) joined us for a few pictures, spotted here with Yalanda in an Adidas crop top.
And here with DJ Heather Collins (USA).
And here with friend.
And here with DJ Andy Hughes (USA) and DJ Si-Dog (USA).
All too soon it was 11:30PM and DJ Andy Hughes (USA) was up next!
Originally from Orlando, Andy Hughes is now based in Dallas.
He remains an O-town favorite.
Generating lots of buzz down on the floor with a Marz set.
All of the DJ’s last night played from the inside main stage with music piped out here onto the famous Ace patio. The outside bar was operational and popular.
With lots of seating to take a break and enjoy the nighttime breeze.
Back inside, Breaks & Bass legend DJ Huda Hudia (USA) had arrived along with Ashleigh aka Mrs. Huda.
We knew it was Mrs. Huda because her boots said so!
Mr. FSOB introduced this headliner to the crowd.
And Huda Hudia gave us an official Orlando Entertainment News greeting!
Opening with “Get Nasty” and “Red Alert”.
And continuing his Classics set with songs like “Bomb Scare“.
Packed to the rafters!
More peeps spotted!
The legendary DJ Sandy (USA) also gave us an official Orlando Entertainment News greeting for his Edge closing set. As most of you know, Ace Cafe was once club Edge in history.
Taking no prisoners, moving quickly into Breaks classics like “Egypt, Egypt“.
Downstairs, clubbers going crazy for “Beachball“.
Upstairs, more bedlam!
2AM and no one was leaving!
Last weekend the 80’s came back alive and this weekend it was the 90’s. Talk about time travel! A good time was had by all.