Club Reports: Juke Joint, SkyLounge, Masquerade (Atlanta)

Taking care of business in Atlanta and then checking out this modern take on Southern ethnic food at Sweet Georgia’s Juke Joint on Peachtree Street downtown!
After 7PM every night they have a live band playing Jazz and Soul.
Last night we saw Nat George & The Players (USA).
Place was jammed and reservations are a must!
I had the half slab of ribs with steak fries. Every meal comes with a bowl of fresh corn bread muffins too!
Friday evening happy hour in the ATL; next stop SkyLounge at the Glenn Hotel.
Acoustic player and singer Tyler McLaughlin (USA) was in the venue performing some Light Rock.
The much-higher Bar & View over there in the Westin Peachtree Plaza remains closed so we had to settle from these much-lower views.
But this perch is outdoors so the view of Centennial Olympic Park was nice.
And there were some nice indoor views too!
SkyLounge is located directly across from CNN Center. Admission was $5.
The first Friday every month means “Ascension: A Goth Industrial Night” at Masquerade.
Resident DJ System Fail (USA) was on stage and in the booth when we arrived.
The place is huge and OMG so cold at this early hour.
It would take about an hour for body temps to warm the place up.
System Fail would take turns with guest DJ IT (USA).
Wearing black is a requisite. The music very Industrial as advertised and they had the club bouncing.
It wasn’t until around 12:15AM that they played any “I-Bar” 80’s songs that I recognized.
The lasers were flying.
Interesting place adjacent Underground Atlanta and a good time was had by all.