Club Report: Vista Room (Viking Glory)

As you know, if we’re traveling we like to report on clubs in cities or cruise ships that we’re traveling on. Such is the case last night aboard MS Viking Glory operating nightly between Stockholm, Sweden and Turku, Finland. The ship’s club is called Vista Room.
DJ Vilkas (FIN) was on the stage playing mostly American Top 40 songs.
The club on board is huge and its dance floor wrapped around the stage.
The club’s lighting features were a bit on the minimal side.
Although this colorful light waterfall flowed from above the bar and out onto the floor.
The seating area had a crowd even if most did not dance. As a mid-week sailing, it was an older crowd overall so I was surprised that even this many were out partying at 1AM.
And as some Daft Punk (F) was playing, a good time was had by all.