Concert Report: Night Of Breaks & DnB (Ace Cafe)

Back on the scene in Orlando, Florida, USA! And last night, Ace was the place!
Brought to us by Culture Productions and Vizion 1 with support from Shady Teez.
Speaking of Ace, the event began at 5PM with helpful hardware man DJ Tooltime (USA).
There are few places in town with as beautiful a setting as the Ace Cafe lawn.
Tooltime had the early crowd bouncing!
Breaks all night here on the Outdoor Arena stage.
Tooltime is part of the upcoming “Rebel Bass” show taking place here at Ace on Saturday, May 28th ft. The Crystal Method (USA), LTJ Bukem (GB) & JME_Recstar (USA). Advance tickets here.
There was also an indoor stage where we found DJ Collaborator (USA).
While outdoors was predominately Breaks, indoors was all DnB.
Back outside, 7PM had arrived as did illDJChrisB (USA).
The crowd was finally building out here on the lawn.
ChrisB was as animated as we’ve seen him!
The music a mix of Breaks, Booty Breaks and maybe even a few moments of Dubstep!
Spotted on stage: Tooltime, Jimmy Joslin and Vizion 1‘s Luis Evans.
Inside, Collaborator ended his DJ set and assumed his role as MC.
And even though it was early, the dance floor was seeing activity.
Just like we witnessed in Miami during Music Week in March, DnB can bring-out the high-speed dancers!
We had seen BLR previously at “Beats At The Beach” last year!
Not a first time for seeing who was next: DJ Danny Bled (USA).
The beats were infectious!
We had recently seen him at the acclaimed “Galaxy Music Gathering” in Miami. LINK
Danny Bled also played right here on this very stage at last October’s “90’s Zombie Raver Invasion“. LINK
We met lots of new peeps yesterday!
Oh oh, I think the 8PM DJ may have spotted the OEN hidden cam!
The legendary DJ Jimmy Joslin (USA).
Day turned into night during his set.
And Amtrak 92 “Silver Star” to Washington DC Union Station passed by on the adjoining tracks.
Mixing some Old School and some new Bad Boyz of Breakz tracks!
Followed by Miami’s DJ Merlyn (USA).
The dance floor had gotten more crowded but it was hard to draw them closer to the booth, lol.
But slowly they did.
Merlyn is another DJ we had seen play at “Galaxy Music Gathering” in March.
And his set last night was even better IMO.
Up next, the Bass Queen, DJ Baby Anne (USA).
We’re told there are two professions that are impossible to retire from. One is the mafia and the other is being a DJ. We do give Baby Anne credit for largely sticking with her retirement though, appearing only at AAHZ Reunions and seldom elsewhere. We were sad when she retired back in 2016. LINK
Dance floor became jammed for her set, all under the beautiful Orlando skyline!
Her largely Old Skool set had everyone bouncing!
She looked awesome in a black sleeveless top, skinny jeans with destroyed hems and black heels.
Party in VIP!
Packed to the rafters!
Joined by Sporty-O (USA) for live vocals of “International Wingman”.
I did not catch the name of this vocalist for another song.
IllDJChrisB also provided some narrative for another song!
More peeps!
Spotted on stage: DJ Tooltime & DJ Baby Anne
Back inside, for DJ Circle K (USA).
While the outside had the larger crowd, it was hardly empty inside either!
The music was operating at high BPM’s and so were the dancers!
Famous for his “Torque” brand of DnB shows!
The DJ moving about as fast as the dancers!
Back outside, for the famous DJ Deekline (GB).
Absolutely packed now for this 11PM set.
The Equal Time Provision of Federal blogging regulations require that if we’re going to mention what female DJ’s are wearing, we have to mention what male DJ’s are wearing. Deekline looked awesome wearing a white 2 Live Crew (USA) tee and his jeans had regular hems! lol.
Deekline joined fellow Brits LTJ Bukem & Stanton Warriors here at Ace last May. LINK
Post-set (right to left), Deekline with Jimmy Joslin & Merlyn.
Here with Luis Evans of Vizion 1.
Spotted at the railing: illDJChrisB.
More favorite peeps!
Back to the show! For the final two hours, Breaks switched to inside and DnB switched to outside.
On the decks inside, DJ Shade (USA).
Spotted on the dance floor: DJ Baby Anne supporting. The inside floor initially began a bit spartan for this set as the outside Breaks crowd realized they need to come in here.
Shade kept the music flowing though.
Spotted here with Mrs. Shade.
It finally got pretty jammed.
Outside now DnB, brought to us by DJ trio Planet of the Drums (USA).
Made up of DJ AK1200 (USA), DJ Dieselboy (USA) & DJ Dara (USA).
Half past midnight and no one was leaving!
It was another amazing show at Ace Cafe.
No matter which stage you hung out at last night, a good time was had by all.