Concert Report: 90’s Zombie Raver Invasion (Ace Cafe)

Since last summer’s nightclub reopenings, Ace Cafe has played a large part in the reemergence of the dance scene. So we were back again last night for the Halloween-themed 90’s Zombie Raver Invasion.
There were two areas of music. We begin inside in the “Torque Arena“.
With DJ Bboy Roy (USA) delivering DrumNBass.
For this show the main stage was outside on the Ace Cafe lawn, operating under the “Vizion 1 Arena” brand.
Here DJ Shade (USA) was playing when we first arrived.
He was doing a mostly Breaks set.
Shortly thereafter DJ Security (USA) took over the controls. We know him so well from his shows as part of famed DJ duo Rob E & Security (USA). PHOTO LINK
It was still early; just a few dancers on the lawn.
More Breaks!
Spotted visiting DJ Security in the booth: DJ Matrix (USA). Stay tuned for the return of his NLP brand after the first of the year!!
Inside, Mr. Torque himself: DJ Circle K (USA)
Hard to get a good picture of this guy as he moves FAST to his own high-BPM DnB beats!
Dance floor activity inside was picking up.
Of course you can’t have a proper Circle K show without MC Collaborator (USA) providing some narrative.
Come closer people!
The energy this guy puts out is incomparable!
Event Promoter Luis Evans (USA) bouncing in the booth!
Shift change at 9PM.
DJ Danny Bled (SME/USA)
Joined of course by MC Dutchess (USA).
Danny Bled kept up the furious pace of the music inside.
As people continued to file into the club.
Out on the main stage, DJ Stylus (USA) and an alien took over the decks.
The lawn was finally beginning to populate.
The weather last night was absolutely amazing!
Always great to see and hear this guy!
All taking place under the Orlando skyline!
Luis Evans introducing the next act…..
Famed electronic duo Dubtribe (USA).
Made up of Moonbeam Jones and Sunshine Jones, their history goes back to the early 90’s.
And they would take turns on the live vocals!
One of the most unique acts I’ve encountered.
And it was my first time ever seeing them perform!
Back in the Torque Arena for DJ Monk (USA).
He has a history that dates back to the old Rabbit In The Moon (USA) days.
And he was gathering a crowd.
Crowd pictures? Yes, we have crowd pictures.
Elaina looking stunning in white!
Yowsa Yowsa Yowsa!
OEN follows all international blogging regulations including equal time provisions. So if we presented the “front” in the prior photo, we’re required to show the “rear” as well.
Adidas Trio
Fitzroy Heslop better known as the legendary DJ Fabio (GB) in the booth next.
Along with DJ Grooverider (GB), Fabio is considered one of the actual originators of the DnB genre!
Dance floor grooving.
A really unique sound to his set.
And back outside, another amazingly unique set recreating live the 30-yr old album “Delusions of Grandeur” which had reached Rolling Stone Magazine‘s number one spot on the Alternative chart.
DJ Gavin Hardkiss (ZA/USA)
First time seeing Gavin Hardkiss too!
DJ David Christophere (USA)
We had a lively discussion backstage about what genre one would call their 90-minute set. It had elements of House at times but it kind of predated House music so the best we could label it was “Electronica”.
Inside, DJ AK1200 (USA) closing out the night.
Another legend of the DnB scene!
His fast-paced set had everyone bouncing!
A few more crowd pics…..
Back stage, Krafty Kuts had arrived and was posing for pics.
It’s been awhile since we’ve seen him in Orlando!
And then he took over to close out the night! DJ Krafty Kuts (GB)
1AM and no one was leaving!
He opened with a kind of Breaks version of “Thriller” and I think I heard the “Ghostbusters” theme in there as well.
They say you can never go wrong with Go Go girls.
They were right! Dancer Kriss Reign (USA).
So much good music last night!
It never got super crowded but it was hardly empty either.
And a good time was had by all.