Club Reports: 70’s Night (MSC Seashore)

So here we are on another cruise; this time on MSC Seashore. During travels, Orlando Entertainment News likes to share “parties” we encounter along the way.
Sailing from Port Miami, the first day was spent at sea along the Cuban coast and then we arrived on day 2 at Ocho Rios, Jamaica.
Richard gave the rundown on the meanings of various terms in the local patois.
Out in the Ocho Rios cruise terminal parking lot, DJ Wyäh (JA) and MC Ackelia (JA) were providing departing and returning passengers with musical entertainment.
Of course, plenty of the expected Jamaican reggae.
Back on board the ship, that shiny disco ball meant it was 70’s Night!
Having a 70’s Night is pretty standard on cruise ships but unlike others we’ve encountered, this one had a live band providing the music instead of a DJ.
The tunes provided by Los Blondies (CO).
Of course on a 70’s Night the ship’s animation team was wearing their colorful threads.
They opened with traditional Disco favorite “YMCA”.
And followed with “I Will Survive”
And “Hot Stuff” and “Mama Mia”. Some early 80’s Funk was added with hits like “Celebration” and “Another One Bites The Dust”.
Dance floor got jammed for hits like “Get Down On It” and “Shake Your Booty”.
First time seeing a cruise do this: The band played on Deck 5, the Village People (USA) were dancing on Deck 6 and they had some Go Go girls on Deck 7. You can never go wrong with Go Go girls.
The party took place in the ship’s atrium so many viewed it from the decks above.
View down from above.
A good time was had by all.