Concert Report: DJ Jody Wisternoff (Skylounge)

Just like predecessors 180 Grey Goose Lounge and 180 Sky Top Lounge, Sky Lounge at Amway Center still does local DJ shows after Orlando Magic games and Amway concerts. But most recently they’ve also been doing promoter-based shows featuring international touring DJ’s. Such was the case last night!
We arrived around 10:30PM last night and already found a crowd on the open-air dance floor.
In the booth, DJ David Velasquez (USA) was pumping out House and Deep House.
Tag-teaming with DJ Dayzwithout (USA).
And they were having a great time delivering the good stuff!
DJ Lola B (USA) took control shortly after 11PM.
And the dance floor suddenly got jammed!
Her set delivered more House but often with vocals.
Skylounge at Amway Center gives you this amazing view of the downtown skyline!
Which everyone on the dance floor had in their field of vision!
The former SunTrust building displaying their support for Ukraine.
From up here, even I-4 is romantic. OK, well, maybe not. But it’s still a great view!
We saw a bunch of DJ’s showing support including DJ Freda Sol (USA).
DJ Dave Gluskin (USA) and DJ Kris Klutch (USA) in this shot.
And DJ Gregory B (USA) in this snap!
Midnight arrived and time for a shift change.
With the evening’s headliner DJ Jody Wisternoff (GB).
Part of the Anjunadeep record label.
He had the crowd bouncing!
Largest crowd I’ve ever seen up here on top of Amway Center.
Playing a lot of Deep House that he’s known for.
Jody Wisternoff is also known for being one half of DJ duo Way Out West (GB).
A good time was had by all.