MMW Day 3 – Sunshine State Of Bass

Located in the Brickell area of downtown Miami, Blackbird Ordinary is a hidden gem of a club and it was home to our Day 3 event of Miami Music Week.
On this Saturday evening, it was home to Sunshine State of Bass.
Hosted by Gene Moro.
And Bobby Caffiero!
The club has an indoor area which was not part of the event. Sunshine State of Bass took place in this “outdoor-like” glassed-in atrium.
The 3PM opening set from DJ JROC-808 (USA).
Followed by DJ Juz10tym (USA).
Justin really brought the Bass overall although he ended with what I described as some House.
The event moved quickly and it was already 5PM for DJ Synergist (USA).
First time seeing Synergist play and he did not disappoint with his Electro-based selections.
As is typically the case for opening sets at these “massive” events, just a handful around at the beginning.
Moving right along!
DJ Avy Gonzalez of The Beat Club (USA).
Breaks were the order of the day!
And he finally got some activity on the dance floor!
Up next, Orlando’s very own DJ Heather Collins (USA).
We knew Heather before she became famous. Spotted here with MC Motive (USA).
Continuing with the Breaks.
And her beats got several dancing!
That look you get from great music!
Heather was joined by Jesse James (USA).
Electric violin playing to Breaks…..who knew?
Earlier, DJ Ondamike (USA) and Aleta had joined Heather at the club entrance. He would play later around 3AM but we would sadly miss that.
We met lots of new Miami peeps!
Blackbird Ordinary uses the bird as a common theme throughout the venue.
Like this entry wall.
And this one above the DJ booth.
And this selfie wall. Coming from a town like Orlando where hardly any clubs have theming whatsoever, the subtle blackbird theme was a cool addition.
Almost 8PM and time for a tagteam set from DJ Robotic (USA) and DJ B Boy Roy (USA).
Robotic had opened Thursday night’s Galaxy Music Gathering.
While B Boy Roy had gone DnB on us that night at the same event!
People continued to file in.
DJ Soltek (USA) and…..
…..DJ Hi Cue (USA) together are DJ duo Dropzone.
They got the peeps bouncing!
And it was good to see the dance floor getting active!
In the Tech Booth, DJ Sal Vecchio (USA) dba Audiosal was on the controls. He had DJ’d earlier at Ultra Music Festival.
While on the mainstage, DJ James Wolfe (USA) had taken over!
A definite House vibe in his set (to me anyway) and ending with Lasgo (B) hit “Hold Me In Your Arms”.
And the floor had really filled-up during his set!
Orlando was represented!
More peeps!
Oh Gene Moro!
And a next an incredibly unique set from Otto Von Schirach (USA).
Which he MC’d himself. Can’t even begin to describe his hour on stage.
With his “helper”. If you ever get the chance to witness his entertainment, it would behoove you to do so!
Everyone just kind of stood there and watched!
It definitely wasn’t a Dance set; perhaps more of a Rap set….in English and Spanish!
When that ended, we got back to our regularly scheduled Breaks programming. DJ Voodoo (USA).
First time seeing Voodoo play too!
And he returned the floor to dancing!
He had the club bouncing!
A special appearance from the Nawty Aerialists (USA).
Rose Parker
Dawn Gluskin
I had seen videos of them but this was the first time actually seeing them perform live! Wow!
Spotted in VIP: Storm and Johnny Dangerously are…..The Brothers of Funk (USA).
Joined here by Analog Hustlers ft. Jamie Blue (USA).
And they would go on stage, introduced by none other than Mr. Future Sound of Breaks himself, MC Glyn S. Morgan (USA).
Jamie Blue on the vocals!
Taking a photo of me taking a photo of Analog Hustlers!
The whole entourage! They had played at “Breaks Academy” in Orlando last month. LINK
Everyone was captivated!
The lasers were flying! Unfortunately, we could not stick around for the later parts of the show due to an early flight back to Orlando this morning. But wow, a good time was had by all.