Concert Report: Breaks Academy (Ace Cafe)

Breaks Conundrum indeed! So many great Breaks-dominated shows in a three month period and the first one took place last night at Ace Cafe.
As FSOB presented, Breaks Academy!!
Beginning the night at 7PM, DJ Supagroover (USA).
We know Supagroover from back to the old NLP shows at Suite B Lounge.
Always great to see him play!
Down on the dance floor, Athena was putting on a light show!
Have been to so many shows where the opener plays to an empty room but that was not the case last night as the dance floor was already drawing a crowd at this early hour!
And a line had already formed at the Entry!
Up next, a tag team set between DJ Versa-Style (USA) and DJ Bobby Buzz (USA).
Versa-Style is another DJ we first became familiar with at Suite B Lounge which at the time was pretty much Orlando’s home of Breaks!
His turn was over way too soon and it was time for…..
Bobby Buzz!
He would continue with predominately Breakbeats.
Down on the dance floor, Rose was getting down.
While Laurie was getting up!
People continue to flow into the club and onto the floor!
DJ Jimi The Genius (USA) took control next.
OEN first encountered Jimi The Genius at Breaks Yo! in Miami back in 2018.
Over in the corner, sound & lights from South Florida’s AudioSAL.
With other controls happening from up here on the balcony!
Getting jammed so quickly!
The beats were infectious!
Spotted pre-show in the Ace Cafe VIP Dining Room, the “Head” of Future Sound of Breaks, Glyn S. Morgan with Yalanda.
Let’s visit some of the peeps in the club!
Including the Dynamix II Fan Club.
Speaking of the Head, he was on stage next to introduce…..
Hyde of duo Jackal & Hyde (USA) fame.
Delivering us a live Electro set!
Dance floor was now jammed with even more up on the Bar level.
And even more upstairs!
You can never go wrong with Go Go girls!
More peeps!
Got to visit with Supagroover and the lovely Bridget!
At the barrier, DJ Infiniti (USA) and DJ H-Bomb (USA) visiting with Billy.
Infiniti would come on shortly after 11PM.
A legend of the Florida music scene!
His impressive set ranged from Old Skool to 90’s AAHZ to EDM remixes turned into Breaks.
Floor stayed jammed!
He had everyone bouncing!
The patio was open to come to come sit down and “chill” in the evening’s cool air. Inside music was being pumped out here so you didn’t miss anything and there was a bar in operation too.
Back inside, it had become difficult to move about the place!
DJ H-Bomb (USA)
Appearing for the first time in perhaps 20 years?
Dance floor stayed active.
Sharing their hour set, H-Bomb turning the reigns over to Scratch-D (USA).
Often seen as part of Dynamix II, last night it was a Scratch-D DJ set.
Dancing at the barrier!
His set included parts of favorites like “Insomnia” and “Fine Day“.
Heather from CVG was in the house!
And lots of other friends and new acquaintances!
Around 1:30AM, Johnny Dangerously and Storm are…..the Brothers of Funk (USA).
With singer Jamie Blue (USA) delivering us some live vocals!
And some live beats from…..
Analog Hustlers (USA)
1:30AM and still packed to the rafters!
1:30AM and no one was leaving! Breaks conundrum? Nope, see you right here at Ace Cafe on March 19th for Unity ft. 2 Bad Mice (GB) & Mafia Kiss (GB). Advance tickets here.
Sadly, an early engagement Sunday morning forced me to cut-out close to 2AM and we couldn’t stay to the very end. Nonetheless, as you could see for yourself, a good time was had by all.