Concert Report: Unity (Ace Cafe)

Event number two of three in this Spring’s “Breaks Conundrum” took place last night at Ace Cafe and Orlando Entertainment News was there for the pics!
Running from 4PM until around 2:30AM this morning, we found an opening set from DJ Grey Wolf (USA) in the main room!
The main room operated last night as the “Best of Breaks B.O.B. Arena”.
We often see no one here for opening sets yet there was a surprising number of people already here!
Of course the music was Breaks!
The second area of music was outside on the famous Ace Cafe patio.
Last night it was titled the “Kozmoz Patio”. It was here we got to see the opening set from DJ Frequie-G (USA).
But not a lot of activity on the dance floor just yet. But that would change!
The Ace Cafe lawn was not in use last night; we’ve seen some amazing shows out there these past couple years! The view of the downtown Orlando skyline from here is pretty amazing too!
Not sure why Americans call their WC “restrooms” as there typically is not a lot of resting going on there. But this being UK-based Ace Cafe, they refer to them as “The Loo”. This was also the way back to the third room of music!
Known last night as the Theoryon Records room, we caught DJ Jeff Justice (USA) tuning up the machines.
Followed by the opening set from DJ Rayrex (USA).
First time seeing Rayrex play.
Located in a back room near “The Loo”, just a few people on hand at this early hour.
Back at the main stage now…..
For DJ Player 1 (USA).
First time seeing him play as well.
While back in the Theoryon Records room, DJ Bryan White (USA) had taken over!
Continuing with the theme of the evening!
Emily (center) from Louisiana was in the house!
Back outside for DJ Nelly Fre$h (USA).
Arguably the most “interesting” set of the day, he ranged from the expected Breaks into House, Trap, Dubstep and Heavy Bass. It was good!
The outside crowd would slowly build.
Back indoors to the main stage.
DJ One-Way (USA).
His set was being filmed!
As the 6PM crowd slowly built inside as well.
The air conditioning made this a popular place.
We saw lots of peeps both known as well as new acquaintances!
Back in back, DJ 4K (USA). We had first met 4K at last winter’s “Breaks At The Beach” event in Cape Canaveral.
Delivering a set off vinyl.
The small contingent was really in to it!
While back outside, the crowd was growing and the outside bar was getting busy!
DJ AfrodisiaX (USA) on the boards.
Giving the set all his concentration!
No one dancing yet but plenty of chilling going on out here!
In the main room, DJ D-Money (USA) was concentrating as well.
Another one in the lineup that we had not previously seen!
Good set!
DJ Cyclops (USA) was now playing in the Theoryon Records room.
Theoryon Records is a south Florida-based label dedicated to releasing and sharing a wide-variety of electronic music talent.
He was followed by DJ ThreeM (USA).
Wearing his Theoryon Records tee!
With the coldest AC in the building on this 90F° day, there was always a group “chilling” in here!
Meanwhile back on the main stage…..
DJ Delicious Groove (USA)
Delicious Groove is based in Dallas.
Her set was completely off vinyl.
It’s always great to see her play!
Patio activity picking up!
For DJ Sisco (USA).
Sisco also had a late night set in downtown Sanford last night so he’s definitely staying busy!
And he was as animated as anyone last night!
Sisco was followed by DJ Gerry Labarge (USA).
He’s apparently just recently out of retirement because we had not seen him since 2014 at Suite B Lounge.
View of the… floor.
In the B.O.B. Arena, DJ Tooltime (USA).
Tooltime was the instigator of last night’s show!
Crop tops for the win!
Breakbeats beget break dancing!
Joining Tooltime on stage, Blog-favorite dancer Kriss Reign (USA).
They say you can never go wrong with Go Go girls.
They were right!
Dance floor wasn’t jammed yet but between the floor, bar area and upstairs, there was a good crowd!
Always great to hear a Tooltime set.
Spotted backstage: IllDJChrisB (USA) with Kriss Reign.
While DJ Beattoven (USA) was on the decks in the back room!
If I remember correctly, his set included DnB during my visit!
These two “regulars” were occupying the floor!
More peeps!
Yowsah, Yowsah, Yowsah!
Everyone kept telling me I needed to watch this guy play!
DJ Kidd Love (USA)
Known for his old school scratching, Kidd Love from Louisiana was playing Orlando for the very first time!
He got the dance floor moving!
Back inside, a crowd had gathered here too for a live Prophecy (USA) set!
With Mauricio on the keyboards.
Live drums!
DJ Losman (USA) on the decks.
And singer Ashley Anderson (USA) providing live vocals!
It only lasted a half hour but the whole thing was pretty amazing!
They were having so much fun and they had the crowd yelling too!
In the Records room, DJ Robotic (USA) was in the middle of this picture with DJ’s N2ishion (USA) & Dr. Souss (USA).
Breaks & Electro everywhere last night!
Just a handful here though.
DJ Gadjit (USA) took over around 10:30PM.
Gadjit is based in Jacksonville.
And he was rocking the room!
On the main stage, DJ Keith MacKenzie (USA).
With Kriss Reign back on stage and joined by MC Whiskey Pete (USA).
First time seeing K-MAC since he played EDC-Orlando last November!
Spotted backstage: Todd of Jackal & Hyde (USA) fame, with friend.
Keith MacKenzie is based in Chicago.
You know it’s impossible for a DJ to actually retire but it apparently took a bit of effort to get DJ8on (USA) back on the decks!
Now apparently an Executive Vice President with Atlantic Records / Warner Brothers, 8on flew into Orlando on the corporate jet to appear last night!
And he was having so much fun playing an all-vinyl set!
You can never go wrong with Go Go girls!
Leaving the stage, his Warner security detail followed closely behind!
Out on the patio, DJ Losman was now playing an outdoor set.
Howl at the moon!
Largest crowd of the night out here!
Followed all too soon by DJ Jimmy the Genius and DJ Supernaut, operating together as DJ duo $uperGeniu$ (USA).
They would take turns delivering the music.
Large crowd but they curiously stayed way back from the booth.
More peeps!
DJ Berto (USA) in the back room!
Playing an extended 90-minute set!
Congratulations to Berto & Katey who will become daddy and mommy later this year!!
Berto drew the largest crowd of the night to the Theoryon room!
Time for one more round! On the main stage, going hardcore Breaks on us, 2 Bad Mice (GB).
First time live seeing this early innovator of the Breaks scene!
We got both Mice when they played at Firestone Live back in 2014.
He was followed by fellow Brit DJ Mafia Kiss (GB).
His set would close out the night on the main stage.
We last saw Mafia Kiss when he played at Native Social Bar back in 2015.
He came on at 1:30AM so the crowd had already begun to thin.
One last visit to the Theoryon Records Room where Jeff Justice (USA) was closing out the night.
It had been a long evening but he delivered the music with enthusiasm.
He had the crowd bouncing!
And one final visit to the Kozmoz Patio!
Good to see DJ Malicious Mike (USA) working the machines!
He had the 2AM crowd jumping!
OEN will have coverage of a handful of events later this week from Miami Music Week. In all the rooms last night at Unity, a good time was had by all.